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Photonics- The Art of Carrying More Light – Sale


In this three-day special event from Steve, Barbara & the group, we will learn new techniques to carry more Light within our physical bodies.

The group wants to work directly with you to help you understand what it actually means “to carry more Light” and how we can practically manifest that into your daily life.

They say that “humans are each made up of photons, and photons are ‘particles of Light’, therefore, photonics is the ‘study of Light.’ We wish to teach you how your bubble of biology works at higher levels of Light vibrations. ”

An example of working at higher levels of Light is inspiration.  The group says that we each have inspiration flow through us some of the time, but we can actually learn how to “turn that on” and receive it all of the time. They call it “learning to live in a different aspect of our reality through the understanding of photonics.”

The Scientist will teach about our cellular structure and how it actually works.

With much turmoil on the Earth, there are many who feel called as Beacons of Light, who agreed to stand amongst the darkness and shine brightly. This three day intensive will immerse you in the study of how to carry more of your own Light and understand photonics in a practical and spiritual application.

Each session is presented online in the Evolution Center and is between 60-75 minutes in length. Downloads are available with your purchase and are located on the online viewing “access” page.

This series is currently priced at a 50% discount to its original price. No further discounts apply.