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Spirit Seed: Rejuvenation. Reversing the Aging Process- Two Pay Option

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July 6 FREE, July 13, 17 & 25,
August 3, 7 & 14

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Spirit Seed: Rejuvenation. Reversing the Aging Process

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In this brand new series, the group will talk about the evolution of humans.  They say that as we adapt to the 5th dimensional reality we have evolved into, the physical body will begin to change. This change will be slow at first and then speed up to lead us into a higher form of existence that does not require a dense, physical body.  This process begins with rejuvenation of the physical body. Rejuvenation begins initially with slowing, then stopping and finally reversing the aging process. This is the first step of physical evolution according to the group. This not only makes life easier in the physical body but also loosens the ethereal body to make it easier for the spirit to begin releasing the physical body, eventually moving into a permanent bioluminescent body.  In order to accomplish this level of existence one must attain a new relationship to the physical body. 
This six day event will give you tools and exercises to start working with rejuvenation. The first day will lay out the challenges and the approach and the remaining days will provide tools, imprints and exercises to embed those tools into your daily life.
The game on planet Earth is ending in the way that we know it. Yet, we are spirits first and humans second. This is the first step up into the new humanity.  It is a step out of biology and into Bioluminescence, where we can carry much more light than our dense bodies can hold.
Each day has multiple Spirit Seed Impressions using Sacred Symbols, Mandalas, Sacred Geometry, rhythms and live channel to imprint and plant spirit seeds into multiple levels of your being.
Day 1 How rejuvenation was done in Lemuria. Your Signature Vibration.  1 Spirit Seed Impressions.
Day 2 Time in the 5th dimension and changing your physical relationship to it. 2 Spirit Seed Impressions.
Day 3 Finding and activating crystals or the crystalline structure  2 Spirit Seed Impressions.
Day 4 Building and using your rejuvenation Temple   2 Spirit Seed Impressions.
Day 5 Daily Tools to Activate Rejuvenation  2 Spirit Seed Impressions.
Day 6 The Next step and final imprints 3 Spirit Seed Impressions.















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This event is presented online through our Online University. The times given are times of the live presentation. Four hours after the live event the same page will carry the recording that can be accessed to fit your time schedule.
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1 review for Spirit Seed: Rejuvenation. Reversing the Aging Process- Two Pay Option

  1. Destiny

    I have to tell you this. I have been doing the seed activation for healing of my 11 dimension, and as a person who did a lot of dream exercises in the 80’s to walk with consciousness through my dreams, the journey inside my dreams is amazing. I am up to having met 5 of my selves in other dimension (one of which is a male) and I am learning how to go into another one of my selves body in the dream time. We are like the broken team, a dream revealed and I am aware of the outside presence of others beyond the 5 that I cant ‘see’ yet.)

    From here I will travel to the course Stopping the Aging process, and reversing the aging process.. and that is what I wanted to share. Just now I was listening to Septembers Virtual Light Cast (2018) and when it got all the way to the very last segment of you and Barbara giving your closing statements. I crawled back into bed to listen from there.

    In my observations as we get older our voices age with us. Our youthful voices get replaced by the sounds of a voice where the phlegm has not moved as fluid as once upon a time it did. So I was listening to you talk (without seeing you) when I heard what I thought was another man in the room talking, and he sounded like he was about 30 years old. Then it went back you talking, then back to him. And at very end of the closing statements the thought occurred to me what I was hearing was the effects of seed activation for reversing the aging process taking place within you, and showing up in your voice sounding like you were about 30 years old.

    I am looking forward, through time, being witness to the materialization of all we came to achieve as I have been dreaming that we would be morphing into luminesse much lighter bodies for 15 years now, and with these seed activation’s it is like I have finally came into the place where I have joined with people of like mind (like I am no longer the person seeing into the future that it is going to happen and traveling there alone, but have arrived and found others of like mind have arrived also, and just like in my dreams there were others who had already crossed the finish line.) which is something you also shared that we have come into the time where the new path is about joining our energies as a collective.

    Native American prophecy says, “And in the end it was as it was in the beginning, and it was beautiful” (that is my role, to move upon the heart of my people). In light and love and laughte…

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