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Spiritual Physics- The Future Human

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In this companion training to Vibrational Upgrade and the Merlin Template Series, we will dive deeper into understanding “Spiritual Physics” and how it is the key foundation for us to become the Future Humans of Planet Earth.

The group says that as Spirits pretending to be Humans we have been living with a very limited understanding of our true potential. We confine ourselves to just one dimension of time and space. They wish to expand this exponentially and open us up to a new concept and reality, “the Physics of the Heart.”

Together with the singularity of the group known as “the Scientist”, we will learn to embrace and blend our hearts with our minds. We will begin to transition from the world knows as “Planet Earth” into a universal world of Spirits, understanding Physics from the standpoint of a new and empowered Human.

This is special. Only on rare occasions does “the Scientist” step forward to teach. Just as the “Keeper of Time” only steps forward and drops his finger when humanity has taken a large enough leap forward in consciousness, the Scientist speaks when humanity evolves to the point of being able to grasp their innate wisdom and true source of power.

In this series you will learn:

  • What Spiritual Physics is and how it is the foundation for the new Humanity

  • New tools to use in your daily life

  • Where Humanity is going, what’s ahead,  how will it change and what future life will be like

  • What Physics of the Heart means and why it’s crucial to your creation process in the new energies

  • Why thought and innovation leaders like Elon Musk and Bill Gates issue serious warnings about A.I. (Artificial Intelligence)

  • How to expand your consciousness from one dimensional thinking and experiencing to multiple dimensional scanning, choosing then experiencing

  • Science as compared to Spirituality in a non-science way (this is not a science course-it is a spiritual course explaining what science has yet to learn)

Together, with the Scientist, we will learn to embrace and blend our hearts with our minds and begin to transition from the world known as “Planet Earth” into a Universal world of Spirits, understanding Physics, as a new and empowered Human.

Just as technology is advancing at unprecedented speed, so too is the consciousness of Humanity. It can be a much gentler and positive evolution if we can understand how we as a human work, through the eyes of Spirit and Science.

Mother Earth is shifting rapidly, knowing in her Evolution that the time of the newly awakened Humans is coming.

Didn’t we all want a guidebook to help us understand how life works? How we create as powerful beings versus feeling controlled, dominated and powerless?

Spiritual Physics is that guidebook. This is a very big topic, and over three days together we will begin to learn it, as the reclusive Scientist steps forward to show us the way.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

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