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The 11 Factor – Sale


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OverLight Modality Training

For nearly two decades the group has been providing specific tools and information designed to advance the evolution of the New Human.  They say we are now ready for a major leap in our ability to work with our 11 selves to resolve obstacles in our lives.  This involves re-activating a part of brain in order to access any of our 11 selves that specialize in any issue you are facing at any time. Think of it like “accessing your own personal specialist.

In this new OverLight training the group will teach us a system designed to activate the cerebellum (near the base of the brain) in order to retrain it to be used in conjunction with your lightbody and multidimensional balance.

In addition they will teach us to merge our fields with theirs and access what it is like to be that “other you.” Imagine what that actually means. You will learn how to access whichever specialist is best for whatever complicated issue you may be grappling with and see the solutions clearly and easily.

This works because the group has taught us that we have 11 extensions of our higher self co-existing in multiple dimensions all at the same time. Each has spent hundreds of lifetimes mastering different life lessons.  Not that long ago it was much more difficult (and nearly impossible) to consciously access this level of mastery from our other selves and work together to assist one another, but NOW WE CAN.

In this seminar the group will teach us how to access our other selves and “share files” – a conscious exchange of information – with that aspect of our self that has the expert advice we are seeking.

They will teach us how to access this quickly and on-demand.  They will also show us how to stay balanced so we can begin to practice and use it responsibly. They call it “keeping the multidimensional window open.” Once you activate this area of the brain you can learn to keep it open and work with it inter-dimensionally.

The result is a “wholeness of being” and a letting go of separation and isolation thinking.

You will learn to trust that you really do have all you need, you just have to learn how to access it.

Each session is presented online in the Evolution Center and is between 60-75 minutes in length. Downloads are available with your purchase and are located on the online viewing “access” page.

This series is currently priced at a 50% discount to its original price. No further discounts apply.

Paths2Empowerment.com will be closing December 31, 2019. Your viewing access will expire at that time. No downloads are available for this course.


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