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The Cosmic Time Shift ~ What it is and How it Affects You

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From Steve about this event:

The group threw me a bombshell today when I was preparing for my weekly LightMaster class.  I was all set to delve into  5th Dimensional hearing and suddenly they slipped something in just before we went live. I was able to  include a little of what they said into the class, but since then they have been adding more information everyday.

They said that something was happening on a really big scale they wanted us to know about. Time, as we know it has sped up.  “No big surprise there”  you may think, but wait until you hear the reason behind it. They spoke about the Milky Way Galaxy, of which Earth is a very small part. Now, we have taught for years that at the very center of every galaxy is a black hole.  But I never thought to ask about the one at the center of our galaxy.

It turns out that time has sped up because the black hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy is starting to feed again.  It feeds by devouring the planets closest to the center of the spiral, which then  pulls everything toward the center in a spiral motion.  The increase in that motion is causing the shift in time that we are experiencing.

At this time the largest black hole in the universe is thought to be the one at the center of our galaxy. This is HUGE!   And it holds some interesting implications for our evolution

That’s only the beginning.

In this event the group wants to explain in detail what this means in practical, non technical terms for human life on planet earth.

  • What is a Black Hole?  How do they work and what is their function?
  • Why did it start to feed again?
  • How does this change correlate to conscious evolution?
  • Will we pass through the black hole and if so when?
  • What is happening with Ceres and the Dwarf planets?
  • The changes all humans can expect to see as we discover our new place in the universe.
  • Learn about the planet that has discovered Earth but does not have the technology to reach us.  What they are attempting to do and what they want us to know.
  • Why is Space exploration becoming popular again?
  • What will Humans learn from the exploration of Mars, the Kuiper belt and the Oort cloud.
  • What can we learn to do with it to use it to our advantage?
  • How your personal experience of life is changing and how you can be in the best position.
  • How personal expansion and using your new gifts will be easier.

We experience time as relational, which is why clocks do not show the changes. We feel it though.  The good news is that there is a trade off, We get brighter in the process.  It’s also not just about time but also how that affects every aspect of our lives.

When we begin to understand how the Universe works on the macrocosm, or larger picture, we can apply this new wisdom in our lives. Are you ready to see where humanity is heading?

3 days with free Q & A in live channel. One Journey Activation on the 3rd day.

Originally presented in May 2016.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

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