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The LightBody Activation 3- The Body Electric

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For the next evolution in our LightBody Activation sequence (LightBody Activation 1 and LightBody Activation 2 are not prerequisites, but they are advisable), the group wishes to take us very deep into the LightBody work.

In LightBody Activation 3-The Body Electric you will explore your physical vessel on a cellular, electrical and magnetic level. According to the group, our cells communicate with each other through electricity. This Activation will help you reset your physical vessel and align it with your LightBody, essentially stretching your ability to move to the next level of evolution and hold greater volumes of Light.

You will feel an increase in energy to the body, and over a period of 21 days integrating this Activation, you will receive infusions of Light, that will feel like waves moving through all your body’s systems – physical, spiritual, mental and emotional – synching them together while ascending in levels of cellular awareness. This Activation will also teach your body to manufacture its own Light.

This is a training of the physical body while the group speaks directly to your cells.

This new information and powerful activation will assist you to

  • Adapt and function fully within the rising pressures of life on earth.

  • Grow your Vagus Nerve and encompass more compassion in your awareness, releasing you from anger and judgment.

  • Learn to communicate and filter differently throughout your body and feel much more confidence in your body.

  • Learn to transmute tension and fear much more efficiently and become much more focused.

The group tells us up front that it will be 21 days to anchor this Activation and experience the full integration with our Spirit.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

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