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The LightBody Activation

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According to the group we have reached a level of consciousness in which we are ready to engage the power of our LightBodies to create Heaven here on Earth through truly understanding what our LightBodies are, what they do and how to work with them.

Over two sessions the group wishes to teach us information that has never been revealed about our “LightBodies.”  On Day 1, they will tell us the full story of how and why we left Home, and why we chose not to bring the full essence of our LightBodies with us.  They will explain the shift that took place between dimensions and how the study of our personal energy aura is the only visible representation of our LightBodies available on earth up to this point.

On Day 2  they will teach us what it’s like to be connected to everything and everyone just like it is at Home.

The group  will also reveal groundbreaking information not yet discovered by science about photonic light, magnetism and the connection between the reduction of the magnetic field of Planet Earth and our immediate rise in consciousness.

They will explain what we went through to create the illusion of “separation” while unconsciously maintaining the connection with Home through our LightBodies and then take us through the activation process.

Our LightBody is the connection between Home and the Dimensions of existence and as we learn to expand our LightBodies and yield its power and intelligence, we create a stronger sense of Home here on the planet and a flourishing environment for the Human Gameboard.  The LightBody was essentially designed to give you access to the fullness of who you are. Activating and engaging it at this time provides the opportunity to change your life profoundly.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

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