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The New Kids- Autism, Dyslexia & Gifted Children

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Did you know that within the span of a single year between 2012 and 2013,  the Autism rate increased from 1 child in 88 to 1 in 50?  This illustrates a huge shift taking place right now with Humanity.  This is a trend that began in the late 1960’s and will continue for the next 30 years.

What ever name you use to describe them, Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow these children are quite different.  Since they rarely fit into the schools or social structures many of them have been considered handicapped.  Now as these new kids begin to come of age and take the reigns of humanity they are changing the game.

In this unique event you will see Autism, Dyslexia and Gifted Children in a new way. Parents of these special children can use this information directly, but it is also very useful for everyone to see what is happening to a large part of humanity and how they can best position themselves for the change. The group says humans are in a state of rapid change never before experienced in human form.  The seeds of a higher humanity are being planted on earth and have been since the advent of the Indigo children.  Since that time waves of children carrying these higher capabilities have placed themselves in situations where they could be of the highest use. During the four day event we will see the effect these children have already had globally and the trends they are setting for all of us.

In channel the group will take us through the new information about how we can all position ourselves for a changing society to accommodate the rising number of children being born with these attributes.

Learn ways of helping them find and anchor their creativity.

Learn grounding and attention techniques including the use of rhythms.

Learn ways of helping through empathy.

Learn to find the shortcuts Autistic and Dyslexic people develop in order to fit into our existing societies.

Learn how Autism, Dyslexia and Gifted are all part of the wave of new energy and what they hall have in common.

Learn why social interaction is so difficult and how you can help break that cycle.

Understand and be a part of the shift they are bringing to our planet.

With special guest Suzy Miller Cocreator of the Autism Intention Program.

Also guest presenters Dr. Jeanette Wolf a Naturopathic physician with direct experience.

and Ann Callaghan creator of Indigo Essences.

Guest host is Sandra Sedgbeer Publisher of the Children of the New Earth magazine and much more.

Upon completion of this event each attendee will receive a Certification in Spectrum Communication via emailed PDF.
Please contact Certificate@espavo.org for your certificate of completion. 

Four 60-75 minute sessions plus homework assignments to be completed outside of the class schedule.

HOW and WHERE?  This event is presented online through our Online University.

Paths2Empowerment.com will be closing December 31, 2019. Your viewing access will expire at that time.


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