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Transcendence- Monthly Payment Option

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Merlia, the feminine aspect of Merlin, is one of the group that has never before come to a forward teaching position.  She is here now to help us usher in a new balance of feminine power on earth at this time.  She started speaking as a singular entity at this time due to the energy shifts we will experience in 2017 and is now starting an special course with 2 days each month to personally walk us through the first three of these major energy shifts over the next 6 months.  There will be special emphasis of enhancing the feminine power within all humans as that holds the key to many of the problems we are experiencing on Earth right now. Concludes with a legal ordination as a Transcended  Master.

March 18 FREE Master Class
March 21 & 28, April 25 & 26,  May 10 & 16,
June 14 & 16, July 25 & 28, August 15 & 16

11:00am Pacific Time

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March 18 is free of charge. Registration for the premium event includes access to March 18.
If you wish to only attend March 18 click here to register free of charge.

Unlimited viewing until  December, 31, 2017.  Downloads to your computer are not offered at this time.

Because of the length and intensity of this training, we know you will need plenty of time to go at your own pace and ask questions to Steve, Barbara and Merlia.

That’s why we’re making unlimited viewing available until December 31, 2017, so you can watch the classes as many times as you like, (especially the custom activations!)and we’ll be setting up specifically designated call in dates and times for you, during the program when we think you’ll need it most.  (And don’t worry, you can also leave a message with your question, if you can’t attend live.)

This is a very special and unique training. It is as “up close and personal” as you can get with Merlia as your private mentor.

In esoteric philosophy transcendence refers to “the  act of rising above and beyond ordinary limitations to achieve a superior state”.  Merlia is answering a call put forth by Humanity, she is here to help you transcend your limits and achieve the extraordinary.  Over a six-month experience of teaching, activations, attunements and personal mentoring, Merlia will help you retake the reins in your lives.  She will be the main teacher for this series, although Elrah and the Keeper of Time will occasionally guest host.

We certainly live in unusual times. Merlia and the group say that in 2017 there will be four major energy shifts. This means that there’s going to be a tremendous amount of adjustment that each and every one of us will have to make not only to our basic lifestyle but to the fundamental way we live.. Because of these four shifts humans on Earth are going to have a year of tumultuous, and at times very rapid change.

Even though typically we humans to not do well with change, Merlia says there are many on Earth who have chosen to be a fundamental part of the new world and who have contracts that will engage on the other side of these shifts. She says that these people not only can move comfortably through these changes but also have contracts that will actually be engaged on the other side as things start to settle in.

Let Merlia explain: “Greetings, Dear Ones. Recent events on your planet have taken your societies in the direction of male dominance. At this stage of evolution, humans will very shortly find that imbalance to be intolerable. This correction will bring about a new opportunity for the feminine to rise into a more fully balanced power stepping out of a patriarchal society for the first time.

This series is designed to give you the understanding of what is happening, the tools to deal with the changes, a community of fellow Lightworker’s to travel with and the guidance to find your own path of least resistance.”  

Month One
March- First Major Energy Shift  

This first shift enters gently on March 4th and reaches its height on March 17th, which is the date of our first class.. This first shift will involve an alignment of cosmic energies, including an increased wave of energy from the black hole that is now feeding at the center of the Milky Way galaxy. This nearly two-week peak is a perfect opportunity to energetically set things into motion. It’s the reason we’re beginning the six-month course at this time. Although humans will feel this entering very gently, the animal kingdom will not.  To them it may actually feel like an affront. Merlia will teach us how to work with the animals to to understand how they have been holding a balance that they will soon be turning over to humans. During our first month together we will also work on building a conscious energy grid to stabilize us energetically as we move through the stages and start to gain confidence in the true power of the feminine and what that looks like in our daily life. On the last day of this month’s event you will be given an e-mail address that Merlia and the group personally monitor and is never touched by human hands. This gives you the ability to send your intentions, requests and updates directly to Merlia and the group.    

Month Two

Although there are no major shifts this month the energy remains unusually high and this gives time to acclimate and stretch out in the new energy. Tensions may be very high during  this time and this is where Merlia and Elrah will do a dance of changing rhythms, intersecting in live channel for the first time. In this way you will see how sensitivity and strength can be one and the same. The focus will be on being of service and what they means to each of you. Merlia will also speak to the gift of the empath and how that role is shifting as the energy raises.  Here she will also begin to speak of clearing residual energy in the body.

Month Three

A dimensional portal intersects with the timeline of earth on May 10th. Those sensitive to Earth’s magnetics will feel a settling almost as if someone pulled the plug at the bottom of a full bathtub. For most it will feel like a relaxed setting and Merlia will take that time to work with you and your physical bodies. She will begin with a body image and attitude session and end with a reassignment of the s body’s role, and a special LightBody activation to set it all into motion.  She will begin to open the energy centers within the body in a new way, rejuvenating the flow of sexual, life-force energy, allowing for a renewed confidence and harmony with the body. Those dealing with illnesses will be offered energetic healing during this month directly from Merlia.

This month will also reserve time for live call ins and questions sent in.

Month Four

None of the four major shift this month but global activity and change will be in motion. During this time Merlia will take us inward to experience and understand the new forms of channeling and inner guidance. She will also address “tuning” sensitivity in the body, dealing with energy allergies and the physical characteristic attunements of Lightbody. This month we will also work with the Earth as she is also moving into a form of Lightbody as well. Merlia will speak of the dimensional transition of the Earth and how you can be a part of the transition without being drained. Merlia will take this time to attune to the energies of the feminine deep within each of you.

Month Five – Third Major Shift

July 28th begins a series of cosmic alignments, energy imprints and time line openings that raises the energy all the way through the end of August. This shift may enter with a feeling of melancholy as if you were grieving your old life.  But it will, soon be replaced with the excitement of new possibilities. Since this is the opening of the largest wave we will set it into motion with special activations and a vision from the Keeper of Time about how we can see ourselves from a more accurate perspective of creator beings.  Merlia will speak of the balance of power and how to navigate through the intense energies to then lead the way for others.

This segment will also have time for call ins and write ins.    

Month Six
The month of August

Merlia will speak of tuning your sight, finding beauty in all things and at all levels of light. She will show you what the power of the feminine looks like.  On the second day the Keeper of Time will speak of how this balance will eventually affect the future of humanity and take us all back to a time and place where the balance was held and harmony reigned. He will tell us why the patriarchal society has dominated so long on Earth and why it can now change. From this perspective you will be able to watch world events and see the deeper patterns emerging in the world around you. The final activation will be from Merlia herself as she activates hidden feminine light codes within everyone sending out a new balance into the Earth through the participants of this Master Series.

Note: The final and fourth wave is still influx and has not landed on a specific date or range yet. Currently it looks like late October through the middle of November but they will keep us informed.


Previous OverLight Facilitators (anyone who has completed one of our certified modality trainings) receive $50 discount (use overlight50 coupon at registration) If you are not certified in one of our trainings but have purchased 6 premium online events or more, you also qualify for this coupon discount.

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HOW and WHERE? This event is presented online through our Online University. The times given are times of the live presentation.
Four hours after the live event the same page will carry the recording that can be accessed to fit your time schedule.

Is this Tax Deductible?

In the United States many people have deducted the entire cost of our seminars as a business or training expense if they have a related business that will benefit from the course. If you do not have a registered business, you may wish deduct a portion as a charitable gift.

Espavo is a non-profit charitable organization. 501(c)(3)  If you live in the United States your registration, or part of it, may be tax deductible as a charitable donation. Shortly after registering for this course you will receive by separate e-mail a tax deductible receipt showing the breakdown of your donation. For this event it will show that 100.00 is the cost of the event and 495.00 is the tax deductible donation.
Please check with your tax professional to see how this can benefit you.


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