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Formerly known as “Transition Teams”, this OverLight Certified Training series is a new, updated version created to address the chaotic situation playing out on the planet. The group is calling this simply, “Transitions”. Please note, that NO certificates are included with this training during this sale. This is for information purposes only, as certification requires moderating and Q & A of the material between the students and Steve & Barbara.

They say that given the current energies swirling around us, many people will choose to return Home. From family members and friends, to clients, celebrities and world leaders, many will be leaving. The group says that the way a soul transitions is extremely important-more than you can imagine. They want to bring this training back in an updated version, in live channel, geared specifically to this particular moment on the planet.

In this series the group will explain in detail what the Spirit goes through during its transition into life as well as out of life through death.  They will take us on our own journey through the death process so we can each experience it and release any fear around the transition experience and also gain the understanding and soul perspective.

So what is new to the training?

According to the group, new contracts are being made based on the changes in the Game. When a Spirit pretending to be Human leaves the Game, particularly during chaotic, fear-based circumstances, it can carry these new contracts back Home. Those Spirits who return Home without fear, surrounded by love, assisted by one equipped with the knowledge of how to Transition, carry that energy of Love back Home and into their next return to the Game.

This also has the potential to elevate the collective consciousness and move the Game towards the planet of Love we are all working towards. Through this process we can advance all of Humanity and the Earth herself.

The group says there will be a great need for Transition workers in the field.

You do not have to earn your living doing Transition work, but you may “feel the call” and be placed in the exact place and time, to help some of those many souls return Home.

Helping a soul transition the right way is more important than you can imagine.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

Access your class by clicking “access your events” on the main menu bar of the Home page, then click the access page link.

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