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Transmuting Systemic Fear- Two Payment Option

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Transmuting Systemic Fear

Do you feel like you are more stressed and on edge than ever before? Are you tapping into the ramped anger and fear that appears more prevalent on Earth every day? Have you noticed that people are acting out with road rage, nasty posts in social media and uncontrolled anger and you struggle with whether or not you should try and help or if you should just ignore it? Do you have a sense of deep inner worry as you hear how the Earth is quietly winding down and no one seems to be paying attention? Are the places like social media where you used to find support and friendship no longer trustworthy or becoming volatile? If you answered “yes” to any of the above, this event will be especially powerful for you.
We receive so many emails asking for help figuring out how to be a Spiritual Master when people don’t feel anything like a Master. So many have told us they struggle with everyday life situations now and are beginning to notice just how on edge they are worrying about the economy, the heated and violent global climate and the earth changes. You want to feel like what you believe about being a Master is true, but a lot of the time you feel like you’re “putting on a wise spiritual face” when deep down you are just trying to stay one step ahead of the systemic fear that you are beginning to notice buried inside.
There is no doubt about it that systemic fear is in the air and if you are empathic it is ten times worse for you than most people. What can we do about it? The group says there are some things we can do to keep up with the rapid changes that are causing the fear. The truth is that most of us have reserved our seats to be here on Earth at this exact time. They want us to remember that if we are busy trying to center ourselves we cannot do the work we came to do.
The group wants to share the “behind the curtain” viewpoint about recognizing and working with systemic fear. They want us to understand why we chose this fear as necessary for our evolution, and how we can become actual energetic transmutors of the energy signature itself. In this 4-day event, you will learn that you have a lot more power and ability than you think you do and you can create your way out of living with systemic fear. You will learn how to thrive on transmuting it and use it to create positive change around you.
The first day is free and open to the public where the group will bring everyone up to date on the status of the earth and will include a Journey Activation for all in attendance.

The remaining 3 days will be presented mostly in channel and will include powerful tailored journey activations, specifically to this energetic climate. We will have a special e-mail address for questions and interactions for the 3 day premium event attendees.
This is an online video series, each class will be between 60-90 minutes and will include downloads. Replays are available immediately after the live class. Downloads will be made available within 4 hours after live airing. All four days will give you a loving and centering view of your part in what is now happening. The group’s aim is to give you the wisdom required to fill the void that is creating the fear.



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HOW and WHERE? This event is presented online through our Online University. The times given are times of the live presentation.
Four hours after the live event the same page will carry the recording that can be accessed to fit your time schedule.
Paths2Empowerment.com will be closing December 31, 2019. Your viewing access will expire at that time. No downloads are available for this course.