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Vibrational Integrity

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The group is telling us that one of the keys to the manifestation what we desire is our ability to be in harmony and vibrational integrity with ourselves.

The vibrational energy we each send forth into the collective influences the creation process.  When our belief systems are out of vibrational integrity with the fullness of who we are, we actually cancel out the manifestations we have set into motion

The group will go into detail about the 4 Vibrational Lines of Integrity

1-  What you think

2-  What you feel

3-  What you act

4-  What you believe

These are becoming critically important as we evolve, and the roads of the past (think: dishonesty, out of integrity, disharmony) are narrowing.  The road ahead requires vibrational harmonization and integrity in order to manifest our creations, and feel love rather than fear.

Together we will explore the deeper meanings of the vibrational lines of integrity and break them all down into clear understanding of what makes you- you!

Being in vibrational integrity is the next step on our journey of evolution.

Let’s take these steps together.

On sale now. Downloads to your computer are included with purchase. Classes are approx 60-75 minutes each.

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