Quantum Channeling 1 Now Available

In this four day course you will learn the basics of the art of channeling. It briefly cover many aspects of channeling and how it is often relied upon in our daily lives. It then goes into the mechanics of how to and works with activations to open your channel

In this course you will:
Learn about your first form of channeling and why that is important to know.
Learn what channeling truly is and how to incorporate it into your life.
How you can activate and practice your channel.
How to learn trust your channel once it is open.
How you can use your channel as “inspiration on demand.”
How and where channeling is used in everyday life and where you can use it in your life.

4 events presented mostly through Steve and Barbara Rother with channels and channeled activations.

More at Espavo.org or Paths2Empowerment.com