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Quantum Channeling 2- Integrating Spirit

Quantum Channeling 2- Integrating Spirit
Paths 2 Empowerment
Four sessions – 60-75 minutes each
Online in the Evolution Center
4 Day – Premium Event- Registration Only
May 6, 7, 8 & 9 , 2014
All classes are at 11:00am in U.S. Pacific Time
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an’t make it live? No problem. Classes are recorded
and available for 60 days.
Upon special request of the group this event has
been postponed and will be announced at a later date.
They wish to present 7 Keys to Abundance in this time slot
Please note that due to the special request of the group this event is being rescheduled for a later date.
Please join us for the 7 Keys to Abundance Series they wish to present at this time.
Four sessions – 60-75 minutes each 

Course Description:

The first Quantum Channeling class is a 4 event course on the art of channeling in daily life. It is recommended, but not required to take this course. Thisis available for purchase in the Online University here>

The Art of Channeling is to connect to Spirit. The Mastery of Quantum Channeling is a deeper, more profound way of viewing yourself and Spirit without separation. It is a skill set that can be used simply and easily to live life as a Master Creator Being.

This is the new expression on earth of the level of communication the group calls Deep Contact

Deep Contact can be used for spiritual inner guidance or to communicate on a spirit level to other humans.

In this course the group will focus on how you can receive a channel in many different ways other than just through voice and words. Special emphasis will be on the physical body and how it can and does interpret the channel.

In this series you will learn:

to work in harmony with the signals from your physical body.

to work with “Deep Contact” as a new way of communicating with others on a consistent basis

to trust your own connection to Spirit at a deeper level than experienced before

to connect deeply with your Higher Self and your team on the other side of the veil easier than ever before

to find ways of channeling in daily life in very practical ways.

to learn to effectively listen and respond to yourself  (inner guidance).

to learn to hear and trust the spirit within even if you think you don’t channel.

This event is four sessions presented 75% in live channel including a live channeled Journey Activation at the close of each session.  Homework and assignments will be given.

As we move through exceptionally powerful energetic shifting on Planet Earth, to re-stabilize her and our evolution as sentient beings, Quantum Channeling 2 will give each of us the opportunity to take powerful steps forward in our Mastery Process.




May 6, 7, 8 & 9, 2014

Seminar Fee: $195

OverLight Facilitators receive $25 discount (please enter “Family25“  discount code at registration)

Light Masters & Lightworker Metaphysicians (Ordained within the Lightworker Organization only) receive $50 discount

(please enter “LightMaster50” discount code at registration)

Payment options available.