Re-member ~ A Handbook for Human Evolution ~ eBook Sample


Re-member ~ A Handbook for Human Evolution
by Steve Rother
3 Chapter Sample


If only you could see yourselves for even
a brief moment from our perspective, you
would re-member Home and your true
heritage. Perhaps then you would treat
yourselves and each other as the masters
you truly are.

the Group

A Handbook for Human Evolution

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Re-member ~ A Handbook for Human Evolution
ISBN: 1-928806-17-1

Author Steve Rother
Edited by Sandra Sedgbeer
Copyright 2000 – Lightworker

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This book was an effort of many people who selflessly came forward to be a part of the presentation of this information. We are honored to present them here:

A special thanks to a talented and dear friend that we are very proud to call our editor:
Sandra Sedgbeer

Phyliss Brooks, Gayle Schildt, David Solinger, Terrel Baker, Claire Gibb, Sharyl Jackson, Lorena Solinger, Carol Holaday, Eve Meng, Christine Szynal, Natalia Kavtaradze, Joe Moriarity, Anne Sabin, Colette Halpin, Austin Rother, Catherine Kasper, Laura Placeras, Trude Kopecek, Wendy Marie Collins, Andrea Post, Debbie Puerner, Deborah Velting, Emily Green, Eva Reinermann, Gary and Laura Grimshaw, Peter Hyman, Lee Carroll, Patty Carroll, Len- Mary Elen Delekta, Ka-Sandra Love, Morgan Kiilehua, Ted and Donna, Dircz, Jan Wilson, Charlotte Ruhl, Rie Fosell, Lourdes Resperger, Greg Lambert, J.P. Dery, Ingrid Kramer, Penny Johnson, Brent Rother, Cynthia Carr, Shala Mata, Nancy Mott, Heather RIchmond, Caliesha Stewart, MaryLynn Schmidt, Mary K Smith, Bill Goforth, Brenda Pakkala
None of this would be possible with out the love, support and encouragement of my partner in Love and Lightwork:
Barbara Redington Rother



Table of Contents

A Special Note from the Editor
The Grand Game of Hide and Seek
How it happened

1. HELP! What’s Happening to Me?
Through Glasses Tainted with Polarity
The Dark Room
Learning to See Through New Eyes
Adjusting to the New Vibrations
New Tools for Higher Vibrational Living

2. “PLAN B” Re-membering Your Spiritual Family
The Transition Teams
Finding Balance in Difficult Times
Re-membering your Original Spiritual Family
Michael – The Family Connection

3. AWAKENING THE MASTER HEALERS Finding Your “Plan B” Contract
More on the Transition Teams
The Master Healers
Aboriginal Healers
“Flavors” of the Truth
The Game Changes

4. RELATIONSHIPS Getting Along in the New Energy
Centering Your Energy
The True Meaning of Love
Relationships in Spirit
Relationships as mirrors
Reviewing your relationships
Making and Breaking Relationships
Love First Yourself
Unconditional Love

5. SEX Understanding the Se eds of Your Past
History of the Grand Game
The Resurgence of Power
Kundalini is your own Energy
Sex on the Other Side of the Veil

6. WALKING WITH SPIRIT Balancing your Ego for the Journey Home
From Bodies of Pure Light
The Ego – A Tool for Survival
The Ladder of Human Advancement
Re-turn to Light
Attracting all your Hearty’s Desires
Balancing the Ego
Using the Principles of Light in Daily Life
Changes in your Biology
Tools for Living in the Higher Vibrations
26 seconds to change your life
Eating with New Consciousness
Releasing your Emotional Attachments to Food
Anxiety about Time

7. CO-CREATION The Art of Manifesting with Spirit
A Picture of God
Manifestation. . . Harnessing Your Power
What is Co-Creation?
The Process of Manifestation
Co-creating with your Higher Self

8. SYNCHRONICITY Allowing Room for Spirit in our Bubbles of Biology
The Cutting Edge of Change
Increased Sensitivity to Energy
Defining Your Energy Field
A Posture of Gratitude
The Path of Least Resistance

9. THE ILLUSION OF FEAR AND EVIL Careful Where You Point that Thing!
A Trip to the Tavern of Light
1945 The Beginning of Plan B
The Favored Story of all Time to Come
Softening the Earth Changes
The Collective Choice
The Flip Side of Light
Fear is Only a Lack of Knowledge

A Bulls-eye for the Death Star
The Second Wave of Energy
Others on the Same Channel
The Children of Crystal Vibration
The Veil is Thinning
Making Safe Space for the Crystal Children
Live Questions to the Group I
Shifting of the Poles
Crystal Children vs. Indigos
Research on Neutrinos
Inexplicable Food Cravings
Tools to Rejuvenate the Body
The Miasma of Cancer
Magnets as Healing Devices
Future Earth Changes

11. THE FLOW OF UNIVERSAL ENERGY Live Channel at The United Nations
The Nature of Contracts
The Flow of Universal Energy
Erasing the Imaginary Lines
Blending Emulates the Universal Energy
The Cutting Edge of Change
Why Global War is Impossible
Live Questions for the Group II
How Long will it Take to Re-member?
When are our Contracts Complete?
What about Kosovo?
How Can I Follow my Heart’s Desire when I have Bills to Pay?
Becoming Comfortable with Energy Sensitivity
Synchronicity Explained
Simplifying Science
What about the Fourth Dimension?
Speeding up the Process of Re-membering

12. THE CRYSTAL GRID Humanity’s Connection to the Earth
Repaying Universal Karma
The Mother is also Changing
Visitors – Your Parental Races
The Grand Library
Activation of the Crystal Grid
Chosen Roles
Live Questions to the Group III
Re-connecting the Energy is Kosovo
Understanding the Dangers of the H.A.A.R.P. Project
Utilizing your Power to Change Things
The Critical Role of Children in the New Energy
How can I know I am on the right path?
How Can I Find my Healing Abilities?
Easing the Path for the New Children

13. HOME Re-membering the Other Side of the Veil
Re-membering Home
Carrying Ethereal Forms into the Earth
Glimpses of Home
Intermediate Helpers called Guides
The Return of Angels
Releasing Judgment to Raise Vibration
Journey to the Other Side
The Greeters
Rites of Passage
First Light
Rest in Between Incarnations
Your Life Review
Meeting your Tutor
The Trajectory of Leaving
Attending Your Own ‘Funeral’
Receiving Your Colors
Re-union with old Friends
Stretching out in Heaven
Circular Time
New Levels of Communication

14. THE SECOND WAVE A Return to Power
Clearing Emotional Issues to Carry the Light
Personal Empowerment – the Path to Light
Business and Government Applications
Learning to Live Together with Power
Centering Your Energy – Finding Your Passion
Emulating Universal Energy
Finding the Crystals on Your Path

15. TIME Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?
Perceptions of Time Changing
Why Your Biology is Shifting
A Journey through the Hallways of Time
More on Circular Time
The Effects of Extending Your Perceptions of Time
Distorting Time
Warping Time
How to Warp Time
The Mass Awakening

16. BIOLOGY The Evolution of Humanity
Feelings of Sadness on Earth
Feeling Stuck
The Pendulum of Human Advancement
The Earth Connection
Expansion and Contraction and the Big Bang
History of the Earth Connection
Choosing Lightbody
Easing the Strain
What’s Happening to My Nose?
Emotional Sensitivity
Help! Why am I Gaining Weight?
Changes in your Biology
Vibrational Healing
The New Biology
Learning the New Game
There Are No Such Things As Accidents

17. THE QUILL OF RE-MEMBRANCE Scripting Your Plan ‘B’ Contracts
Your Second Wake Up Call
Death of the old Light, or the Phantom Death
Scripting with the Quill
‘Plan B’ Job Descriptions

The Days of Camelot: An Intersection of Realities
Your True Powers of Creation
Merlin, the Master of Time
The Time of Merlia
You Have Cleared the Path for the Return

Connect with your spiritual family
Paths to Empowerment Seminars
Virtual Light Broadcast
About the Author
So I’m God … Now What?
Welcome Home
Greetings from Home
Spiritual Psychology


In Memory of Jack Rother. . .
A Lightworker who was slightly ahead of his time.

This is for you, Dad


A Special Note from the Editor

It is not often that an editor feels compelled to add a note to an author’s book. But by the time you are through reading this, I hope you will understand why I felt that, on this particular occasion, it was not only important to do so, but possibly even essential to your understanding and enjoyment of this book.

As someone who has spent their entire career working in the media as a journalist, magazine editor, publishing consultant and the author of six books of my own, I’ve naturally encountered many challenges over the years. In all honesty, however, I have to say that nothing in my career thus far has been as challenging and frustrating, or indeed as truly bizarre, as editing this book.
Given my background, it may not surprise you to learn that I am somewhat of a ‘stickler’ for clarity, punctuation and good grammar. Imagine my surprise, therefore, when, over and over again, I found that many of the text cuts, edits, corrections in grammar, punctuation and syntax, as well as several of my own attempts to clarify some of the information in the channels, kept disappearing from my computer. At first I dismissed this as a simple, stupid failure on my own part to hit the “save” button. The second time I began to wonder whether there was a technical malfunction. But when it kept on happening, often with the very same passages I had been ‘clarifying’, I started to wonder whether there might be another explanation…

When I voiced my concerns to Steve, he fell about laughing. For, of course, Steve understood something that I, in my enthusiasm to do a “proper, professional editing job”, had failed to consider. The information in this book had come from the Group. Thus, what was more natural than that they should be hovering over my shoulder, approving – or not, as the case clearly proved often to be – the changes I was making?

To say that I was totally flabbergasted by their involvement is an understatement. After all, an editor’s job is to guide his or her author, to help them clarify what is unclear, to tidy up their work by showing them where they may have repeated themselves, to edit extraneous passages… and so on and so forth. Fortunately, Steve was always very amenable and co-operative when it came to being ‘guided’ by his ‘editor’, but clearly the same could not be said of the Group.

The lesson I learned from this is that it is one thing to guide an earth-bound, in-the-flesh, human author, such as Steve. It is quite another thing to deal with a group of non-corporeal, higher entities whose sole purpose is to guide, rather than be guided. Steve says that the Group has a wonderful sense of humor. All I can say is, they must have been clutching their sides and falling off their heavenly chairs in mirth at my earnest, but woefully naïve, attempts to ‘tidy up’ their communications!

So if this book leaves you wondering why the Group often present the same piece of information in different ways; why they often repeat themselves three times, or even why they construct their sentences in such a labyrinthine fashion, take it from me, these are no accidents. Indeed there is a definite purpose to their unique method of communication.

It took me a long time to understand it, but I now fully accept that it matters not whether the Group speak in a manner to which we are accustomed, or even whether we comprehend their words on a conscious “human” level or not. What matters is that they are planting “seeds” in our biology as well as our “unconscious.” This is the purpose of their communications; it is their way of helping us to re-member.

Given the many frustrations I encountered throughout the editing process, I cannot truthfully say that I have enjoyed editing this book. But, of course, that’s only the “professional me” talking. Speaking on a purely personal (and, of course, spiritual) level, I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity for the world.
I feel immensely privileged and honored to have been offered this opportunity to be challenged, frustrated, bemused, but ultimately illuminated by such a close encounter with these loving messengers from Home.

Thank you, Steve, and thank you, the Group, for blessing me with this task, and for helping me to discover this part of my contract.

Sandra Sedgbeer

A message from Lee Carroll
Author of the Kryon Material.

I’m biased. Steve and Barbara Rother are friends and co-Lightworkers. But I can tell you this, the book you hold in your hand could be called OUR JOURNEY instead of RE-MEMBER. It documents not only profound information for the planet, but also the LOVE journey of two enlightened and high-vibrational people. Read it and celebrate the lives of two loving individuals who have learned to balance their duality within the new energy on planet Earth. Their message is for ALL of us.

In Love,

Lee Carroll

A message from Ronna Herman

I have followed Steve Rother’s work for a number of years now and have observed the messages given to him from “the Group” from inspired information for human evolution into the profound truths of the Cosmos and a map leading “Home.” Reading his book Re-member gives me the same all-encompassing feelings of overwhelming love and peace as when Archangel Michael over-Lights me and radiates his loving messages through me.
I am gratified that, even though the style and information given to Steve are somewhat different than what I receive, the messages never contradict each other and are always complimentary and validate the Universal truths we are receiving.
Thank you Steve, for giving us this treasure house of wisdom.

Ronna Herman

Author of – On Wings of Light? and The Golden Promise?, Messages of Hope and Inspiration from Archangel Michael.




Re-member ~  A Handbook on Human Evolution


The Grand Game of Hide and Seek
Let us take you on a journey . . .

Let the Grand Game begin. . . Brenda Pakkala

All of us here are gathered in a meadow at the base of a mountain. We are Home and we are all playing together in perfect love. A dear brother approaches and says, “Would anyone here like to play a new Game?”

“What kind of Game?” You ask. “Is it like the ones we play now?”

“No,” he replies. “It is like nothing we have ever done before. It will be an elaborate Game with many props and disguises. We will wear veils so that we can no longer see or re-member our true nature, even the veil will be hidden from view. Then we will start the Game and begin to re-member. This veil will be so effective that we will forget not only who we are; we will even forget Home. Even as we pass each other on our paths, we will look into each other’s eyes and not recognize one another. The veil will be so effective that many will look around at the props and disguises and truly believe that is all there is. We will retain all of our powers, yet we will not re-member how to use them or that they are even there.

“The Game will be played in phases and before we start each phase of the Game we may place as many reminders in our path as we wish, to help us re-member. Be advised to place many reminders, for most of us will rationalize them away easily. We will choose the time and place of our entrances and exits on the Gameboard. We will also set up circumstances and lessons we wish to complete while we are under the veil. A tally will be kept and points will accumulate from one phase to the next. This point system will only be used to determine what will be included in our next phase. We will not be able to remember from one phase to the next, yet, once mastered, certain attributes may be carried forward into the next phase. We will always carry your core essence and personality, yet we will not re-member that it passes with us through the veil into every phase.

“Humor will always be a reminder that passes unchecked through the veil, and if our guides find us getting too serious they will tickle our funny bones as a reminder that this is only a Game. There will also be many masters available along the way to help us if we wander too far from the path. Oh yes, I almost forgot an important part of the Game . . . at all times there will be Free Choice. We will have complete choice in all matters, we may even choose not to play the Game, or to call in a substitute. We may choose to hide, or we may choose to seek, it is entirely up to us.

“On the Gameboard there will be polarity. This has to do with the mechanics of the Gameboard itself, and will be a necessary component as it provides the contrast needed. However, polarity will taint our vision. Through eyes tainted with polarity, we will perceive things as Up or Down, Light or Dark, Good or Bad, Love or Fear and Right or Wrong. Do not let this fool you, it is only illusion.
“We will all leave our higher aspects of ourselves in a special place for the duration of the Game, otherwise the Game would be much too easy. Our higher selves will be available to you at all times. Our challenge will be to learn to access it, and to re-member that it exists as part of ourselves. We may choose special loved ones to ride on our shoulder to advise us during the Game. Again, re-membering that they even exist will be a big part of the Game itself.

“The goal of the Game will be to see how many of us can re-member who we are, where we are from, and what powersof creation we have. Once we re-member, then you may re-merge with our higher selves and re-create Home on the other side of the veil to demonstrate that we have fully re-membered.

“So who wants to play?”

How it happened
During the summer of 1995 I was content playing the role of a General Building Contractor in the San Diego area. I had spent many years of my life looking for that elusive niche where I might actually enjoy what I did. I thought that money held the key. My thinking was that even if I didn’t like the work, as long as I made enough money, it would be worthwhile. And so it was that my life always seemed to go in circles. Looking back, I can see that I was only a mediocre contractor because it was not my passion. It was what the Group now calls a misdirection of energy.

I had always been interested in things like afterlife experiences and astral projection. I even read some of the books by Ruth Montgomery and Edgar Cayce. For me it was all fun but I really didn’t put much into it. It was only entertainment. If you had told me in 1995 that I would be traveling to the United Nations to channel entities from the other side, I would have thought you crazy. It was fun to study things outside myself, but to actually use them in my life was far from any reality I could have imagined.

Then my life began to shift as my wife and I found ourselves reaching for higher truths. I had found a book on channeled information entitled “Kryon . . . Don’t think like a Human.” It hit home for me and served to help me awaken to another part of myself. At first my wife, Barbara didn’t resonate with the book, instead she studied Religious Science. Even though we were not on the exact same path, we were both moving forward and had begun the awakening process. For me the Kryon material was my “wake up call.”

On New Year’s Eve in 1995 Barbara and I decided to do something different. We attended a workshop designed toward releasing the old and setting our intent for the New Year. Then at 5:30 am (YIKES!) we would meet at the beach over a bonfire, where we would burn what we chose to release while declaring our intent for the coming year. It sounded like fun. I had no idea what I was about to set into motion.

At the bonfire, each one in turn did a ceremony around releasing. I felt out of place. It was obvious that everyone else knew all the right words and actions. Me? I was just learning to meditate, and I didn’t even know if I was doing that right. But when the torch was passed to me, I felt a strange sense of calm. I became aware of laughter from somewhere over my shoulder. I remember thinking it was odd that others were on the beach at this hour and I thought it a bit rude that they were obviously laughing at me. I placed my sheets of paper in the fire to release the old and promptly raised the torch to declare my intent for the new year. Trying not to sound foolish, I opened my mouth to speak and my brain began the desperate search for a metaphysically correct phrase. Suddenly that same wonderful sense of calm settled over me again. To my surprise, tears began to flow as I heard my own voice declare to the Universe:

“I choose to be a Lightworker.”

I really had no idea where those words had come from. The word Lightworker was not in my vocabulary and no one else had used it that night. Even so, there was a wonderful sense of familiarity with the word.

The others helped set my intent with their energy by yelling an enthusiastic HO! As the reverberations died down I became aware that somewhere over my shoulder there were others supporting what I had just said. I turned to look, but the beach was empty. This was my first actual encounter with the Group.

My life took a new direction that morning. I didn’t know it at the time, but as the Group explained later, I had just stepped into Plan B.
Shortly after, I connected with several others who had formed a Kryon message board through America Online. At the time I was totally unfamiliar with the Internet but found it falling into place easily. This was when I first realized that I could express myself through writing. Since contractors don’t get much chance to express themselves in this fashion, it was a whole new experience for me. I was like an eager child taking it all in. I wanted to know everything and wasn’t afraid to ask.

After a short time of soaking up information, I got a very strong “knowing” that there was something specific that I had to do. Images began to form in my head of everyone holding hands to focus their intent. Suddenly I “knew” that by combining our energies together, even this small group could make a big difference in our world. I shared this with the others on the Internet and suggested that we do a meditation online for the healing of Mother Earth. The answer came back quickly and decisively:
“Good idea, Steve. Let us know when you have it ready.”

There was the laughter again. Thus began the Internet meditations known today as the Beacons of Light and the monthly Re-minders from Home offered from the Group.
From the moment I started writing these meditations I was aware that I had help. Although it was not as strong, I felt the same warm sense of calm settle over me as I had experienced on the beach. That was when I really understood that I was receiving help with these messages. I began a somewhat skeptical dialogue with these beings who seemed to be sitting somewhere just over my shoulder. To my surprise, there appeared to be several of them, yet I had a hard time telling them apart.

My very first questions to the Group were: “Who are you, where are you from, and what dimensional level are you?” I thought especially the last question would impress them somehow. I read somewhere that if the entities you are channeling won’t tell you who they are, then they are the ‘bad’ guys. Besides that, I wanted to know if they were from the Galactic Federation, the Elohim, the Angelic Realm or Sirius. The answer came with the same wonderful laughter I heard that morning on the beach.
“You have asked three questions – – – we will give you three answers:
It’s none of your business.
It’s none of your business.
And it’s none of your business.”

My first reaction was to go into fear thinking if they refused to identify themselves, they must be ‘evil’. I informed them that I would not be able to channel them if they would not give me further information. At that point the Group told me something that I will never forget. They said very simply:
“We honor your choices.”

With that there was a strange silence like I had never heard before.
Over the next two days, I felt empty; as if a part of myself had been cut off. Finally, in sheer frustration, I went back to them and asked why they had refused to identify themselves. They lovingly told me that this was my lesson in discernment. They asked that I accept or reject each message for the love content of the message itself, and not because of some name or label placed upon it. They said this was the first of the tools for living in the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. Discernment is a way of making life choices without judgment. They gave me the following as a guide to applying discernment:

If it pulls at your heartstrings, then take it as your own. If there is anything less, then leave it without judgment, for it was simply placed there for another.
They mentioned that we humans give away our power much too easily to impressive names and titles and that their message was to help us re-member our own power.
From that point on I began writing the messages from the Group, although it would actually be several months before they would even allow me to call them by that name. In the early writings I never talked much about the Group except to call them my Guides. Then, after a few months of writing the monthly messages, I was trying to explain the origin of this information and I referred to ‘the Group’ sitting just over my shoulder. They reluctantly agreed to this and finally I had a name I could call them. The name stuck.
The very first word to come through from the Group was:

I can’t tell you how many e-mails and letters I get telling me that there is no hyphen in the word re-member. The Group offers it this way for three reasons:
1. The object of the Grand Game is to re-member who we are and why we came here.
2. When we re-member who we are, we can re-member our powers of creation and begin creating Heaven here on Earth.
3. The process of re-membering has to do with re-integrating the various parts of ourselves.

They also say that the way to set this process into motion is to re-unite with the members of our original spiritual family.
This is happening to all of us now. In fact, it is the reason you are reading this book.
The Grand Game of Hide and Seek was the first of the messages I received from these loving entities. The opening chapter you just read gave a view of life on Earth from their perspective.
Over the years I have been bringing in these messages, I have learned to look through their eyes and to see things from a perspective of pure energy. When we get used to looking at ourselves in this manner it becomes much easier to see our true path.

This book began as a series of monthly Internet meditations called the Beacons of Light re-minders from Home. These divinely-inspired messages began in February of 1996, and continue each month to this day. You can read past messages online or join us in this celebration at http://

At this point in my life I went on reaching for higher truths and was very fortunate to be able to travel with Lee Carroll and Jan Tober for the next two years, as they presented the Kryon seminars. It was this venue, and the supportive people that traveled as part of this team, that first began to show me that I was a facilitator. Lee Carroll has been a mentor for me as I learned to trust myself in bringing in this information. Today I am very honored to also call him a dear friend.

The Group says they are here because we have asked to move forward. They offer us information for our own discernment and empowerment so that we may be able to adjust to the higher vibrations of planet Earth as we move into what they call “Plan B”.

They are not here to teach. That was the old way, they say. They simply offer information, and ask each one of us to filter it through our own discernment, and take from it what is ours. In their words:
We will not tell you anything that you do not already know. We are only here with big hugs and gentle nudges to help you re-member your true power.
The information in this book is placed here for your individual discernment. It is no accident that this book has found its way to you. Take what resonates within you and allow yourself to re-member as they take you on this joyful journey. The Group often reminds us that it is only information and is useless unless we take our own power and incorporate it into our daily lives. The Group will not answer your life questions in this book. Rather, they will help you to find your own answers. The Group says that we have passed the test and are now creating Heaven here on Earth. By blending our true power and taking responsibility for our own reality we will do just that.
Welcome Home.


Chapter 1
What’s Happening to Me?

The new call of the Lightworker seems to be: “What’s Happening to Me?”

This is a time in our history that we have never before experienced. As the vibrations of the planet increase, we are experiencing new phenomena every day and attempting to incorporate these experiences into our lives. Sometimes it actually fits and makes things easier. A lot of the time these experiences seem to be the cause for yet more questions. Like most of us, you may have attempted to go back to your old ways, only to find those doors forever closed. I can also tell you from personal experience that beating your head on the door does not make it open. For me, it has been an interesting experience because I view things differently than most. I ask for doors to open and all I can see are doors closing. The Group laughs a lot about this because they say it is the only way they can get my attention sometimes. We are now working on better communications in that area. The Group tells me it’s all a matter of perception. They laugh, because instead of walking into heaven, they say I have a tendency to back out of hell. I love it when they laugh.

The Group:
It is a true honor to address this gathering. The Lightwork you are doing has implications that extend far beyond your scope of understanding. We are honored to be a part of this work. We are here to help you re-member your magnificence. As you step into your true path, we experience tremendous joy. There are connections that extend to all things before you and what is perceived as separate is actually one and inseparable. In that aspect we are very much a part of you. As we embrace you, we feel the love. We like that feeling.

Through Glasses Tainted with Polarity
Due to the nature of the Gameboard, there is in place a mechanical grid that presents itself to you as polarity. This attribute enables you to interact with your surroundings in a way that would otherwise not be possible. It is this same polarity that also causes you to see things as separate from yourselves. Because of polarity, what you perceive as opposite ends are actually two small segments of a larger circle. What you perceive as light or dark are only varying shades of grey. Similarly, as you remove judgment from your vision, there will no longer be a need for right or wrong. It is important for you to grasp this basic premise at this point in your evolution. Your sight is beginning to develop and soon you will see well beyond the scope you now call reality. As this progresses, it is important that you become conscious of your point of perception. If you wish to change the world, you must alter the point from which you perceive it. These are the subtle, yet powerful, changes within.

The Dark Room
We have likened the Game you now play to being in a dark room. In this room are gathered many others. Each one is searching individually for the passage Home. The root motivation for all actions in your Game can be traced to this one desire to find your way Home again. In the dark room everyone is looking for the light. The challenge presents itself because you are unable to see one another in the absence of light. This is the mechanics of what you call the veil. In your honest efforts to find the door, you often bump into one another. These bumps are often perceived as assaults and taken as setbacks. Such is not the case as this is an effect of polarity on the Gameboard. For this reason, you will find forgiveness and unconditional love the foundation of all healing. If you forget who you are at any time, please take a moment and look at yourself through our eyes.

In this dark room, you occasionally glimpse the light that tells you Home is near … and you re-member. As you move in the direction of that light, it mysteriously eludes you, leaving you once again in the darkness. Such is the nature of the Game. We now tell you that what you perceive as the light of Home is, in reality, a reflection of your own inner Light. This is the reason it disappears from view as you approach. The door leading to Home is within. This is the basis of what you refer to as Lightwork. Find the Light within and make space for it to shine in all areas. Do this and all else will come to you. Those who refuse to go within, go without. It is the attribute of polarity that makes it difficult to see your own Light. In your current vibration, it is not possible to see yourself as you truly are. For this, you have developed the tool called a mirror. Even as you use this tool, you become aware that your reflection is reversed and it is not a truly accurate representation.

Learning to See Through New Eyes
The tools that you placed for yourself on the Gameboard for this purpose are the eyes of each other. When you make the connections that allow you to see yourself through the eyes of another, then you have an accurate representation of God within. Often this is not what you expect to see and so you resort back to the familiar mirror, even though this may be a painful experience. For those with the courage to view their reflection fearlessly and without judgment, the rewards are great. Once you see with true vision, you understand that you are neither right nor wrong … you simply are. Those accepting the challenge of this work will move quickly to the next level. In the process they will experience many rapid shifts. What once took years to accomplish now takes only hours. This is accurately reflected in the technological advances of your world.

It is these rapid shifts in perception that often cause what you see as areas of distress. You have spent much time viewing your world from a singular point of perception. Suddenly, through your intent to move forward, your point of perception has changed. Every morning you awaken, sit on the edge of your bed and inventory your surroundings. You get used to the way the morning light reflects off of each item. You tell yourself everything is as it should be. You label yourself “happy.” Your world is in order. Then one day you visit a friend and find that their bedroom is much to your liking. You return to your own space and move the placement of your bed. The next morning, upon arising, you feel shaken and unsure as you now view each item in your existence from a new perspective. Your world has changed, and it is this change that is at the root of your fear. It has begun in earnest.

Adjusting to the New Vibrations
Such is the case of the Lightworker. You have expressed intent to the universe to move forward into enlightenment. In the previous illustration, you not only moved your bed to a new position, you actually moved it to a higher dimension. From here, everything previously familiar now has the strange appearance of props on a movie set. You may find yourself examining things as if for the first time. Lightworkers are experiencing what they perceive as difficulties in several areas of their lives at this time.

Relationships must go through periods of adjustment as each one learns to see through new eyes. Long-term relationships will particularly appear to be shaken as each one reassesses their needs from their new perspective. The greatest gift you can give to yourself here is time to adjust. Short-term relationships may find it easier to adapt because they are more comfortable with constant examination of each other, and accept these changes more readily. As you begin to see yourself as a self-contained empowered being, many old paradigms begin quickly to fall away. This may have the illusion of creating problems in your life.

This scenario will play itself out in many other areas of your life as well. Work that had been successful in the past may no longer be valid. Areas of interest will fall away as new ones emerge. Friendships built on old beliefs may not survive. You may find yourself being called to a new place to live. Lightworkers resisting the transition will not be able to reverse the effects. It is not possible to go back. Some will see themselves as standing still and place judgment on that, thereby blocking their progress even further. Lightworkers may perceive themselves as experiencing difficulty on many levels. Fear not, it is only your judgment of yourself that makes it appear so to you in this fashion. In truth, these shifts will move you forward into a higher reality and closer to home. Release the judgments and you will see the truth. These shifts are steadily moving you into your joy. What you have done is ask for the door to open. This has been granted to you. This request set into motion the accelerated process. This process is the gift. The road to enlightenment has no speed limit. The Earth is moving forward and raising its vibration at an accelerating rate.

It has begun in earnest.
There are many stories in your own history that illustrate this point. Among these are the tales of the Shiva and the Shakti. The way to progress is to ask the Shiva to come in and destroy all of your surroundings. Only by releasing them can the Shakti come in and create anew. The bright leaves of Spring must be preceded by the withering leaves of Fall. In every season there is a purpose. For the Lightworker, this is the season of Fall. Old paradigms must fall away before new ones can sprout. This is the time of the Shiva. It is only your perception and your resistance that make certain aspects appear as problems. Embrace this time and give thanks, for it is literally an answer to your prayers. As your perception continues to shift, you will look on this time with great joy.

As this shift progresses, time will be vastly misunderstood. All your relationships with time, as you knew it, will need to be rethought. This can be viewed as an area of hardship for you. This need not be the case. It is important to understand that you are making all these adjustments to your world to compensate for the changes in vibration. It is also important to know that those around you are still seeing things from your previous point of view.

You may find yourself waking everyday with a sense of urgency and a drive that you have not had prior. If you have insufficient outlets for ex-pressing the light within, this will be especially frustrating for you. It may seem that no matter how much effort you expend you still are not proceeding. At this juncture, applying more energy to move forward will only be met with more resistance. You have placed blocks in your own path that will remain until you understand their meaning. We tell you that there is ample time for all. To force the issue of time will only serve to block you in your overall progress. Give yourself the gift of time and judge yourself not.

New Tools for Higher Vibrational Living
There are tools for this shift that are yet to be discovered. We will speak of some of these at this time. As all of the work you have agreed to do has its basis within, look there for the tools of transformation. Many of you have worked to rid yourselves of emotional scars. This is highly honored as it allows you to comfortably carry more Light within. You have reached a level of comfort where these scars are seemingly healed, never to bother you again. We see this as being much like a tube through which you carry this energy through your biology and into the Earth. Emotional scars have the effect of restricting the amount of energy that can flow through this tube, much like stepping on a garden hose. You have become accustomed to carrying a specific amount of energy through this tube. Most of you have done just enough emotional work to allow for this flow comfortably, yet even as these wounds heal, they leave behind scar tissue as a reminder. Now you have expressed intent to take the next step of becoming Lightworkers and playing an active part in the next stage of your evolution. This is a step from your “Plan A” script to a conscious decision to walk into “Plan B.” From our perspective, this is much like placing a large funnel on your head in order to bring more Light through this tube into your biology. Because the amount of energy has increased, the scars you thought were fully healed may now once again become agitated and painful. This has the effect of pushing 400 volts of electricity through a wire that was designed to carry 10. Every bend and nick in that wire will begin to heat up. This pain appears to your limited vision as a setback. It is, in fact, a gift, because it allows you to work through the remaining scar tissue at a greatly accelerated rate.

There are many of you who will experience grounding problems as you begin to carry this heightened energy. Your spirit will want to leave your body at every surge of this energy. The work you have chosen to do is only possible by maintaining adequate grounding. We have spoken before of the need for grounding. Listen intently as your biology speaks to you. It will tell you what you need for grounding. This is a time when your diet may change. We suggest you make space for that to happen by removing judgments.

Connection to water in all forms will be essential. Water is a special form of energy. The electrical and magnetic properties of water have yet to be fully understood. Know that this can be very helpful in your efforts to achieve grounding. Bathing in salt water will be helpful for most. Drinking increased amounts of water will help the biology ground. With everything that enters your biology, it is suggested that you precede it with ceremony. Such is the basis of what you call a blessing. These ceremonies are helpful in engaging the biology, and are most effective when you co-create your own. Intent is the most powerful tool you have. Incorporate spoken intent into your ceremony and you then have powerful, personalized tools.

Breathing is a tool that can be utilized at any moment. Each one of you has three or four sacred numbers that you can easily discern for yourselves. Ask in a silent moment and they will be given to you. Most of you already know them in your heart. These single digit numbers are a signal to your biology, and act very similar to sacred geometry. Incorporate these numbers into a breath pattern of deep and shallow breaths, and you will have powerful grounding tools designed specifically for you. This is a realization of your own powers within. If you incorporate ceremony into this exercise, it then allows your biology to be part of the process. We think it very humorous that you only give power to something if you surround it with mystique. If that is helpful, then do so with blessing. We wish to point out that it is not the ceremony that contains the power. Rather, it is the ceremony that is helpful in aiding you to connect with your own power.

Emotional grounding is a largely misunderstood area. As you move into a higher vibration, you begin noticing shifts in time. Your perception of time now takes on new meaning. With inadequate emotional grounding, your perception will be that there is no time to accomplish all that lies before you. Understand first that this is illusion. It is simply a by-product of polarity on the Gameboard. Emotional grounding will be discussed at length in future sessions. For now, it is effective to visualize a cord running from your root chakra. Much like the silver cord of life that extends from your biology, this cord has great elastic and flexible properties. It is used to ground your emotional body. As you feel yourself disconnected and fluttering emotionally, go within and check the position of this cord. Your observations will find it fluttering around, much like an uncontrolled garden hose as water spurts out in random directions. The tool to use here is to stop and breathe. Ask the Earth for permission to connect, then consciously take this cord and insert it into the Earth. Do this, and feel the sense of peace that overtakes your being. This connection with the Mother is a gift all can experience. Even as you travel, this cord can be used to ground your emotional body in any circumstance. Simply re-membering it is there will start the action.

You now find yourself back in the dark room. Others bump into you as they search for the door. Some run through the crowd as their fear overtakes them. In your humanness, all you are looking for is an opportunity to feel good. When you feel good, it is a re-minder of Home. Everyone deserves the right to feel good and to re-member Home. These are the crystals you have placed in your own path to mark your way. This is the motivation behind all action of those around you. Judge it not. Understand that judgment is an effect of polarity on the Gameboard and is only illusion. Do this, and you will find the key to the door Home. There is but one way to find the door in the dark room and keep from hurting each other: Hold each other’s hands.

Bless each step on your path as it unfolds, no matter from which point you perceive it. This is a very special time and you are honored beyond your understanding for every step you take. You have asked to move forward and now … it has begun in earnest.


Dark Room Exercise in the Scepter of Self Love, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

It is with great love for you that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together…
the Group

Question: How many Lightworkers does it take to find the door in the dark?
Answer: All of us.

This time presents many challenges for Lightworkers. For many, it is not an easy path we have chosen. I often want to scream HELP I’M MUTATING AGAIN! When I am in the middle of the transformation, it is not so easy to see the larger picture. It’s not always easy for me to re-member that I am in a dark room. This is the reason we have each other. This is why they suggest we hold hands. Together we have exponential powers of creation. Together we can change the world … one heart at a time … starting with our own.


Chapter 2
“Plan B “

Re-membering Your Spiritual Family

RCh22WEBBarbara and Steve Rother in Salzburg, Austria

Plan B
The Group often speaks about the changes we humans are experiencing as part of the shift. They say we are in the midst of implementing “Plan B.” They have said that the object of this elaborate Game was to see how many could re-member who they were, and their powers of creation. When this was accomplished, we were to re-merge with our higher selves and use our powers to create Home on this side of the veil. For the longest time, it did not look as though there would be many who would accomplish this. Only a few masters would fully re-member their powers. Although those were great accomplishments, the masses never got the overall picture.

The Group describes us as being “finite pieces of the infinite Creator.” Infinite simply means not having a beginning or an end. Being infinite, the Creator can easily accomplish everything with the one exception of observing itself. The idea of the Gameboard of Free Choice was to send off sparks of the Creator that had a beginning and an end to play the Game. The sparks were made in the exact image of the Creator and given Free Choice in all matters. Therefore, it was the perfect place to observe the image of the Creator as reflected through the choices made on the Gameboard. Since the sparks were actually parts of the Creator, they still had all the powers of the Creator. They had only to re-member how to use them and that they were even there. The big difference was that the sparks were finite and after a bright display, they soon faded off to reunite with the circle again. The sparks are us.

Since we are finite, and therefore have both a beginning and an end, the Gameboard we created is also finite. Although the Group has not mentioned it, I imagine the beginning of the Gameboard to be the Big Bang. The end was designed to occur right about now. This was to be Armageddon – the much-prophesied end times, as predicted by Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce, the Hopi Indians, Revelations in the Bible, and more recently, people like Ruth Montgomery, Seth, and Gordon Michael Scallion. When that information was originally channeled, it was very accurate. It was pointing the direction we were headed at that moment. In fact, it was this information that allowed us to alter the outcome.

As things were positioning for the Game to end, it was noticed that many of the players were beginning to awaken and re-member. Although it was very last minute, this brought about great excitement universally. It meant that the Gameboard of Free Choice just might make the evolutionary shift and forever change the paradigm of life throughout the universe. This event brought out a multitude of beings from all over the universe to watch as each act of this play began to unfold.

Several of our parental races began showing up to help us in this time of transition. The Group has pointed to the humor that was felt over the fact that some of these races thought us insignificant until the shift began. Now, they say there were even power struggles to see who would get to help us the most. The Group has stated that there are so many onlookers here to view this event of cosmic proportions, that what we call “parking” is really beginning to be a problem.

Before we came here we designed elaborate plots to facilitate our lessons on the Gameboard. We had the system of Karma in place to keep score so we could easily decide what we were going to work on the next time around. It is because of Karma that we have often incarnated in groups or families. If you and I were to have a chance to work off Karma, it made sense that we should be on the planet at the same time and in roughly the same location. Over time, it became possible to complete Karma with your original family and then join with another. This mingling process continued until today, which is why very few of us re-member anything of our original spiritual family.

When scripting our parts, we asked this person to play our father and this one to play our Mother, as they were perfect for the role. Conversations went like this: “My very dear brother, could I ask you to please be my business partner when I turn thirty-one? Can I also ask you to help me repay a debt by stealing all the money? Would you love me enough to do that?” Unlike previous phases of the Game, we knew this one would be different, as it might very well be the final act. Because of this, we set up many alternate plans. After all, with Free Choice overshadowing everything, we never really knew what direction things could go. Because of Free Choice, all contracts are only potential contracts until they are actually taken. It was therefore necessary that the important roles had many back-up plans to ensure that they were played out in all events.

We knew that even though it didn’t look like humanity was going to graduate, we must still make provisions, just in case. Suddenly we find that our wildest dreams have come true and the most wonderful events are now about to unfold. Instead of the Game ending, humanity is now at the brink of the next evolutionary step. We, as players on the Gameboard, suddenly found ourselves in an awkward situation. Even though we had rehearsed our parts and knew our lines well, we suddenly found ourselves holding scripts that were no longer valid. In an instant, the Game changed directions. Without a single word being uttered, all of us dusted off our scripts and flipped the pages frantically until we saw the heading “PLAN B.”

The Group:
We welcome the opportunity to bring information to this beloved gathering. You are honored more than you know. Your willingness to play the Game behind the veils is empowering the universe in ways you are unable to fathom. Your perception is limited because of the veil you wear. You see us as powerful advanced beings, far beyond your stage of evolution. We tell you once again that it is you who are the honored ones. For you have come to this grand Gameboard as masters and agreed to hide the truth from yourselves for the good of all. We are not here to teach, and we do not lead you into a new level of existence. These things you have done for yourselves. We are here at this time because you have asked for assistance in this transition, and this we give you with our thanks. You are beginning to hear more clearly the calling of your own heart and we are here to validate this. Many of you have intended to move into the next level of existence. We cannot fully describe to you the greatness of this act. We are here at this time to answer your call and to help you to re-member your own heritage and powers of co-creation. These are the tools that will readily move you into this next level. While moving to this next level, it will be helpful to be aware of the changes that lie before you. At this time we will share some of these with you.

The Transition Teams
The planet is rapidly approaching critical mass. This coincides directly with the number of souls incarnate on the planet at any one time. When this critical mass is reached, there will be many leaving the planet. This is in all appropriateness and is for the highest good of all. In preparation for this, it will be of great use to address techniques of transition. On the planet are teams that will form for this purpose. These are very special healers who carry information with them for those who will be transitioning and their families. Many souls leaving the planet are often unprepared for the wonders that await them on returning Home. Education on a mass scale and individual transition teams may make this thing you term ‘death’ much more of the joyous homecoming than you presently perceive it to be. When beings transition without an understanding of what to expect, they often stay in levels much longer because of the fear they hold of the unknown. This information is now available and will be offered more as events unfold. You all would be well advised to provide space for these master healers to take their place and lend them your support. They are here to play a key role in the development of your next level of vibration.

As we have mentioned prior, this is a time of change for you on many levels. Your outer ethereal bodies have been in progress for several years, and now the changes to your biology have begun. For the past fifty-three years you have been accumulating seeds in your biology that are now beginning to sprout. These seeds you have accumulated through vibration in preparation for this movement. They have been presented through the means of sight, sound, smell, and absorption. What we now refer to as seeds, others have termed “activation codes.” This is the reason for the phenomena you call crop circles. It is also the motivation behind the increased interest in what you call sacred geometry. Number combinations are often used by spirit to activate these seeds. This is the reason many are now seeing repeating numbers appearing in their fields. These are the master numbers that trigger your biology to activate seeds that have been lying dormant for a very long time. When this occurs, fear not, as it is a signal that you are receiving the gift. Bless the gift and know that each time it happens, spirit is standing directly next to you. From our perspective, these might be called “Angel Blessings”. They are preparing you to re-unite and once again walk in the vibrations of Home while still on the planet. When these numbers enter your field we caution you to simply accept them, rather than sidetrack the energy by attempting to attach a meaning to them. These seeds are now activating and are beginning the changes to your biology that will enable you to continue on the Gameboard of Free Choice. It is a gift you have earned. Accept it with joy and blessing.

Finding Balance in Difficult Times
These shifts within your physical bodies are of concern to many, therefore we will speak to you of the tools available. Your choice to make this shift has caused you to carry increased amounts of energy through your biology. If you are not able to ground this energy, it may cause discomfort in both your physical and emotional bodies. We have given grounding techniques that can be most helpful. Grounding to the Mother will be very helpful, not only to you but also to the Earth. You are both in the process of raising your vibration, and connecting you helps to balance each other. The shallow breathing that is so common in your world often perpetuates many of these grounding problems. Breathing consciously to a pattern of deep and shallow breaths, intuited through your own connection to spirit, will balance the biology and ground the energy. Increased amounts of water absorbed both inside and outside the body will also be beneficial. When possible, bathe in water with soluble salts.

Your diet may need adjusting during this transition. Intending with ceremony that food be used only for your physical body will diminish the need for emotional eating. This is a time to be very sensitive to what your body tells you it needs. Practice the art of listening. Trust what you hear and release your judgments long enough for your body to balance. This is not a time to force your biology into a shape you deem to be pleasing. Rather, we suggest you allow your biology to balance itself in the most efficient way possible. Your body is the perfect housing of your spirit. It is helpful to keep your muscle tone at comfortable levels, however, since undue stress during the vibrational shifting would not be in your best interest. Here the key is balance and listening to the body.

The use of vibration will come to the forefront of your medical sciences in the near future. Seek out vibrational healers, for there is much information already available on this subject. Placing colors within your field that balance your mood is a tool that you can use to control the flow of energy through your body. This may require a rethinking of the use of color and will require more individual expression concerning the use of colors. Vibration received through the sense of smell is also a powerful tool, thus many are now becoming extremely sensitive to aroma. This is a signal to be discerning about what you allow into your senses. Become aware that all vibrations entering your senses have a direct effect, not only on your biology, but also on your emotions and spirit. You have another sense you are not aware of that will become important. This is something we will call only “absorption.” It has to do with the manner in which you absorb energy. As you become more aware of how this works, you will find many of the keys you seek. The sights, sounds and smells of the Gameboard have rarely been regarded as tools, yet we tell you now that these are great tools for what you term “ascension.” The art of vibrational healing will move to the forefront of your sciences in the near future.

Your patterns of sleep will continue to change as you move forward. There may be changes occurring in both directions and neither are cause for alarm. A gradual move to shorter naps may help with this shift. Simply allow your body to find its own balance in all areas. There are some of you measuring your progress to ascension by the physical changes you are expecting. When these changes move opposite to the anticipated direction, it causes you undue stress. Release the judgment and know that all is happening for your highest good.

Each one of you is in the process of raising your vibratory level. As this proceeds you are becoming aware of the many other levels of existence. What you would term “alternate dimensions” are beginning to present themselves to you. You will notice them first as brief shadows passing through your field of perception. As your sensitivity becomes more acutely tuned, you will be able to focus on scenes and beings that are seemingly occupying the same space you occupy. In most cases, these will first appear with an obvious absence of color. There is much to be gleaned from these other levels of existence and more information will be forthcoming soon. In fact, many of you have been studying this without the direct knowledge that this is what you were studying. This knowledge will answer many of your questions. We bring you this information now so that it is not accompanied by fear when it presents itself. Fear is the one emotion that can easily retard your progress in many areas.

Re-membering your Original Spiritual Family
The changes that await you as you move into the creation of Home on Earth are numerous. Many are beyond your comprehension at this stage of your development. We will address these another time. There is one event that has begun on a global basis that is responsible for much of the vibrational advancement seen on the planet today. It is with great reverence that we now speak of this. There is an awakening process now in motion that is rapidly changing the face of the planet.

These changes are in preparation for the next step of your evolution. This is a plan you have written for yourselves that is now firmly in place. As you know, we are here to help you re-member. We have told you this is not only to re-member who you are, but also to help you reconnect with members of your spiritual families. This has started and you have now begun to connect in much larger numbers than we first thought possible. This is key to your movement at this stage of your development. The scenarios you set for yourselves prior to entering the Gameboard of Free Choice had an alternate plan. The grand plan stated that if the awakening began, you would locate the members of your original spiritual family and re-connect. This would allow you to balance your own vibrations in a re-membrance of Home. By looking through the eyes of those within your original spiritual family you could most easily re-member your true heritage. Even brief interludes with these family members will cause the internal codes to take hold and move into action. This is happening on a grand scale now. On the Gameboard, the original plan was to pass each other on your paths, never recognizing one another through the veil. Now, as you pass one another, you still do not recognize the physical, yet you instantly know the energy. It is a reflection of Home. When you view yourself through their eyes, everything is in perspective. Please do not cling to this process, thinking you need these people to be whole. You are complete within yourself and these connections are to activate your advancement. These connections are the greatest gift you have placed in your own path. Fear them not.

The re-membering of spiritual family is the most effective activation available to you. It is your greatest tool. The most efficient way for one to re-member who they are is to re-member their origin. These families are much larger than you might first imagine. There are many families on Earth at this moment, yet all of these are directly traceable to the original seven houses. It is not ours to speak of history except where it directs your step at this moment. There are others in place for that purpose. We speak this only so that it has a chance to resonate within your heart. We tell you that when a family member enters your field, you know their vibration well. They carry the feeling of Home and you will find yourself drawn to them. Most often, they look very familiar to you, and though you may not know them, you feel you know them well. It is humorous to us, because indeed you do! Feel the joy when these people are in your field. These are crystals you have left for yourself to mark your path on the Gameboard. This is why they pull so deeply at your heartstrings. Seek these people out and make space for them to interact with you at every opportunity. They will lead you Home again.

The Earth is also a part of this family vibration. It is your connection to the Mother that will balance you at all times. This was your original vibration and re-membering it will help both of you move to the next level. Work together with the Mother in all areas, and send her healing energy as you would an ailing parent. This energy will return to you as quickly as would a reflection because of the deep connection you share.

Michael – The Family Connection
We will tell you that the act of re-membering original spiritual family is not only happening on your side of the veil. We, too, are also in the process of re-uniting our energies. There are many teachers on the planet at this time and they can be easily grouped into families of vibration. This is a difficult concept for us to present because of your predisposed concepts about this side of the veil. The Keeper views us as “the Group” and has even called us by that title. We tell you now that all on this side of the veil are a group of one form or another. There are many factions of these groups, yet all carry the vibration of their original family. We now will verify something you already know in your hearts. We are of the original family you would term Michael. Your perception of the angelic realm does not always allow us to come to you in our true form. We make exceptions where necessary. We tell you that the angelic realm is real, and you will be seeing much angelic representation in the very near future. This is the re-membering of family in its deepest aspect. This is who you really are.

The Grand Game of Hide and Seek on the Gameboard of Free Choice was about balance. It was designed to splinter the original vibration into harmonics. The seven, plus the original, represented eight. From there, they further split into individual harmonics on a grand scale, and then split many times again. Now, as each of these individual harmonics chooses to raise its vibration, they are naturally drawn to re-connect to their original tones. Once re-united as families of vibration it becomes easier for all to advance together as one. This is now happening at an increasing rate. As these families connect they will begin to attract other families and the next level of vibrational re-membering begins. This has the effect of a multitude of harmonics spreading out to form the sound of the original “om.” This is what you are experiencing in your lives as you lead the way for those raising their vibration. It is important to re-member there are no steps on a ladder and no one is higher than another. It is simply harmonics of the original tone and all are honored for their vibration.

We are deeply honored for the work we are allowed to do in this re-membering process. It is our greatest dream that we will re-unite with all of our grand family once again. You on the Gameboard are making this possible through what you see as your daily struggle. In our eyes, this is the most highly honored work in the universe. You are re-membering yourselves and us with the part of God that we are. You are loved beyond your understanding by all of your family.

It is with the deepest of honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together …
the Group.

This information came in at such a fast pace that I found it a real challenge to type as fast as my fingers could move. When this happens, they are usually showing me much more than I am able to put into words. In this channeling I got to see many visions of the future, although I was only able to put a few of these down. I will tell you this, though: it’s going to be a wonderful time. Much like a great party. It is a re-union party that will end all parties. Seems like the entire universe has been invited for this one!

I say again I am truly honored to present this information. It is my greatest pleasure to carry this information in the forms of these monthly meditations, the seminars and the private sessions. I am aware that if no one expressed an interest in these messages, I would not be in my contract, so I really owe a great debt to all of you reading this for making it possible. Over the years, I have always told Barbara that I wanted to have a job where I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning. Well, thanks to all of you, I now have that. You see, the way I look at it, I am beginning to create my version of Heaven on Earth. I am very grateful for the part you allow me to play in this grand Game.


Chapter 3
Awakening the Master Healers

Finding Your “Plan B” Contract

I was on an airplane to Sudbury, Ontario for a gathering of Lightworkers when I began receiving this information. As I boarded the plane, I caught the eye of an elderly man behind me in line. He was alone and had a twinkle in his eye that drew me to his stare in an instant. I knew nothing about this gentleman, yet somehow I did. This guy looked really familiar. Knowing what the Group had said about seeing familiar faces and reconnecting to spiritual family, I made a mental note and uttered a quick thank you to spirit for this gift. I boarded the plane and found my seat only to find the man passing me in the aisle on his way to the rear of the plane. As he passed, our eyes met momentarily. That connection was very powerful, and though all I could muster was an awkward “hello” there was really no need for words. He graced me with his smile, and that was enough. We knew each other and both of us knew it.

I settled myself for the journey and thought nothing more of it. Halfway to Chicago, I pulled out my laptop and began writing. The Group and I love to write on planes. I don’t know what it is, there’s just something very special about it, and I always drag along my laptop to accommodate this. Just as I started up the computer, I saw a very familiar figure, as if he were standing right before me with his finger high in the air.

Some time ago I got the pleasure of describing a few members of the Group. At the introduction of “the Merlia material” presented later in this book, I spoke of an elderly gentleman with a great white beard whose job it is to simply hold up one finger. This finger is to signify when it is appropriate to release information to the collective consciousness. In many ways he is like the grand farmer. The seeds must be planted at exactly the perfect time for the germination process to be effective. It’s his job to determine this timing. For a time this old gentleman had left the Group and I missed his energy dearly. They had told me before that the Group was always shifting as some members came and went. I finally put two and two together and realized the gentleman in the rear of the plane reminded me of this grand wizard of timing.

I wrote for about an hour and as the following information came through, this man kept coming into my thoughts. The airplane seats were positioned such that it was impossible to get a look back at the rows behind me, but I could sense he was there staring at me and thinking of me. Finally, with the aid of coffee and a diet Coke, I decided to use the restroom at the rear of the plane and get a better look at this guy. I even thought that if the seat next to him were vacant I would move there. I went back as slowly as I could, checking out every seat, and was very discouraged to not find him where I thought he was sitting. I reached the restroom and luckily found it occupied. This gave me the opportunity to go to the front of the plane and continue my search. (As if I needed an excuse.) Still no luck, and as I returned to my seat and my writing, this man was somehow always there on the edge of my every thought. It was as if he were watching every word as it appeared on my screen, nodding in approval.

The Group:
We are truly honored to be addressing this gathering of those who call themselves Lightworkers. This is an honored title you have claimed for yourselves and clearly identifies your origins. By using this word, you have set your intent to the universe to be one of the special few. We honor your discernment highest of all because in this process lies the act of fully expressing the spirit within each one of you. We are here to help you find your own empowerment and your own truth. We offer you this dialogue for your individual discernment as it relates to your quest for higher vibration on the Gameboard of Free Choice.

There is much activity now on the Gameboard as the players are re-uniting as spiritual families. Many doors are now opening as a result of the changes set into motion by the re-membering process. The act of re-membering your true nature and your higher contract is most highly honored for it allows you to fully claim your power. It is this process of re-locating your original path that so many of you are now experiencing. The Grand Wizard of Time, about whom the Keeper has spoken, is now indicating that it is appropriate to release more specific information of this awakening in progress. With this mass re-awakening, there are many who are moving into their contingent contracts. Thus, it is now time to speak of a special group known as the Master Healers.
This is the age of movement. Moving into your next stage of evolution brings about the need for many facilitators. It is time for an awakening of the Master Healers on the planet. There are many in this family vibration that are now hearing the call to take their place as Master Healers. We are of the family of vibration that you call Michael. This family is one that houses a very large number of beings that have this propensity toward healing. Let us explain. Many of you have experienced past lifetimes where you mastered the art of healing in one form or another. As stated in the beginning, once mastered, certain traits may be carried forward from one phase of the Game to the next. Hearing the call for the last stages of the Gameboard, many of you chose to be here at this time. You are what we would call healers in hiding, for many of you did not come in this time to work in the area of healing, but rather came in with other roles to play. Now that plan B has been called into action you are feeling the pull to position yourself in those primary contracts once again. This section of the original family contains many of these masters. Those of you drawn together in this vibration have roots in this family of healers. This is our reason for being here as we are experts in the area of awakening these healers. This is our part of the re-membering process.
There are many who do not consider themselves healers per se, so we will define more clearly the attributes of the Master Healer. A Master Healer is one who creates space for others to feel safe enough to heal themselves. This can manifest in many areas of your Gameboard. At one end of the spectrum are those in the traditional healing arts. There is much truth here to re-member. Please do not dismiss this information without thought. Within this definition are also those that work with energy. This is a truth that has been around for eons, yet your science has yet to define it. Follow the results and this will lead you to the truth. There are also many more that we term vibrational healers. These include those who heal through the use of vibration in the form of music and art. This is important as it is beginning to emerge at this time, and will explain many of your pulls in direction. There are very many of you who have also moved into the healing arts for the first time. Most of you will know who you are. Please understand that you are highly celebrated for this decision. Honoring a pull to change your life to follow your heart is a true honoring of the spirit within you.

More on the Transition Teams
We have begun to speak of those we have called transition teams and it is time to elaborate on this further. The mechanics of the Gameboard have eluded you for eons. When you are able to see them, you will be surprised that they are so simple. We will tell you of some attributes that you are not fully aware. The attitude with which one leaves this dimension will determine the trajectory of re-entry. It is not understood yet that your last vibrations are the same ones you must pick up upon re-entering. Those who die traumatically do so to complete cycles or clear Karma. Those who die at the hands of others are instantly bonded and will incarnate together from that point forward until such time as the debt is fulfilled. Please understand that this thing you call pain is an illusion to enhance the Game and at no time is there any real danger. As you know from your practice of what you term Astral Projection, the spirit can leave the biology at times when necessary for the facilitation of such traumatic events. Your vision of this thing you call death has begun to change only recently. With your study of after-life experiences, you have begun to reveal universal truths. This is humorous to us as we see what you term “after-life” as a “return to life” and to your true nature. This has also enabled you to open your understanding of your own spirituality, for it reveals universal truths that cannot be denied. If you wish to study life on the Gameboard, we ask you to speak to one who has returned from death. You will find peacefulness naturally emanating from the deepest cellular levels.

The systems you have devised for healthcare have grossly underestimated the importance of graceful and informed transitions. The posture of transition being something to fight against is not conducive to soul advancement. We ask you to support the new paradigm and set it into motion now. Make space for these teams to come together and offer them support, as they will benefit all. There are many Master Healers on the planet feeling the pull to be part of these transition teams. They are healers working to complete closure on the Gameboard for those leaving. They will work not only with those graduating but also the families seeking understanding and participation in the transition process. These Master Healers are highly honored for their work as they offer us the most advantageous use of the Gameboard. Through their work they make possible an easy transition without accumulating the extra burdens usually associated with this process. Upon re-entry it is then possible to set about the tasks of advancement without needing to unravel unnecessary energy tangles.

There will be many leaving in the near future. We ask you to celebrate their return Home, for they will be playing a grand part in this shift that is now in motion. You would not be able to accomplish this shift without the balance of their transition and the work they will be doing on this side of the veil. They have agreed to leave the Gameboard to aid in many other ways that are only possible on this side of the veil. Many will carry seeds of the new energy as they return to biology. Most will be returning as higher vibrational humans with attributes that will carry you into your next stage of human evolution. There is more to what you have termed Indigo Children than is presently understood. More will be forthcoming about this next phase of the vibration and the biological advancements taking place to facilitate this movement. Those leaving are to be acknowledged, for they offer assurance that you will meet the challenges ahead in the higher vibration. Those who leave after asking to be part of the ascension process are those honoring contracts for the betterment of the whole. They carry with them the intent to be part of this process, and so it is given unto them. They will play very important roles in the ascension process from this side of the veil where much will be accomplished.

The Master Healers
Many of you resist the idea of being a Master Healer, for the pictures that hang on your wall and define your world declare that you are not worthy of such greatness. We ask you to keep an open mind and let these re-membrances unfold for you naturally. You may find yourself being drawn to put your hands on another with the intent of healing, only to find that you have unusual powers in this area that you have not yet used in this lifetime. You may even be aware that you have always had these gifts, yet they were always somehow in the background. Now you are feeling the tug to find out more and move into these fields once again. Honor these gentle nudges, for they are pulling you to find your true path once again. It is these gentle nudges that will lead you into your greatest joy and passion as you move into your true path once again. It is time to take your place, for there will be many facilitators needed as you take each other’s hands and walk forward together.

Aboriginal Healers
It is this resistance to step into your power that is now drawing many of you together to form groups of healers. This is a process that will unfold naturally as the vibrations continue to increase. The healing centers forming as a result of these pulls will enable many to assume their contracts. There are many vortexes of healing energy globally, now being defined by these groups. They will be widely known for their results and these will be their greatest credentials. Most of these gatherings will focus around one central healer who is pulling the others together. It is the task of this central figure to carefully monitor the energy distribution within these groups. As these healing centers begin to gain popularity, the main opposition will be from within the group themselves. The hazards that contain the ability to derail these groups will be issues of the unbalanced ego. The primary focus of these central, aboriginal healers will be to create space where the central core of healers can balance between standing firmly in their own power and contributing to the whole.

The other task at hand for those anchoring the group energy will be to balance this energy to allow for new modalities. These healing groups will bring the availability of many new forms of healing. They will offer classes in empowerment and healing modalities as well as emotional clearing. In many ways, these will be spiritual centers offering healing on many levels. Techniques in healing modalities will be offered for the emerging healers, as well as spiritual contact for the emerging soul. The formation of these centers will mark the next step in understanding our true nature, for they will alter the paradigm for all things to come. Now is the time when you will look to these centers, not only for healing of ailments, but for tools of advancement. These centers will be learning centers as well.

Be advised to not confuse these vortexes with the buildings that house them. This new paradigm will be successful because of the energy mix of the central core of healers and not because of locations or buildings. Many of these centers will float for a time until the cooperative energy of the area will support them fully. Some will start supporting speakers and offering classes only. They will be just as powerful in their purpose. When we use the word “center,” we mean a central energy vortex to which the main core of healers focus their energy. This will be the driving force that will call these groups into action. After a time, these healing circles will draw many to their diverse offerings and their success will be their most powerful credentials.

We ask you to re-member to allow space for all information to express itself. What you term traditional healing modalities contain much that is valid information. The most effective modalities will blend the physical and the metaphysical sciences. In time the postures will relax and allow more of the truth to come through easily. As the vibrations of the planet increase, this will come to fruition. These centers will also be some of the first to house the coming transition teams. This will be a grand re-awakening and re-membering of those we call Master Healers. As the Master Healers once again move into the picture, the healing energy will be unleashed to the planet on all levels.

You have placed many crystals on your path to mark your way. When you run across them, they vibrate of Home and you feel tremendous joy. Find this joy and follow your heart, for it will lead you to the middle of your path of least resistance. Many of the bumps you have set into motion for yourself were designed to open you to these potentials. Take them as the gifts they are and understand that the power they have is only a reflection of your own magnificence. It is now time to walk in your own truth. This can be done through the balanced ego. It is ours to help you re-member who you are. It is yours to accept that truth as it is revealed to you and walk into that contract with quiet dignity. Find that truth in your own heart and silently carry it as you would a sword of strength. Brandish it not, for to do so indicates that the power is within the sword. The sword is but a reflection of your own power and is most powerful when used to remind you of your own truth. It is time for the Master Healers to awaken to their truth again.


Sword of Truth Ceremony at the Lightworker Spiritual Re-union, Aarhus, Denmark

“Flavors” of the Truth
Source is singular and all is traceable back to the prime source. Because of the diversity of your personalities on Earth there is a need for many paths to the truth. There are none that are right or wrong. There are no “clear channels” or paths to source, as all information must pass through filters and finally biology before it can be expressed. Therefore, we tell you that all information is altered slightly. There is great diversity with each one of you and therefore each one filters the information slightly differently. This is also reflected on this side of the veil, as we are much more greatly varied in what you call personality than are you. These, too, are filters through which the information must travel. In some fashion all are correct. Your task is to use discernment and find the ones that resonate within you. It is a matter of finding the vibration that most closely matches your own. We ask you to consider these filters as you would a flavoring – it either suits your taste or it does not. It is helpful to re-member at this point that you are very powerful beings who create with your thoughts. If, in discarding one of these flavors, you choose to judge it as negative energy, you actually create this and give it far more power than it deserves. Such is the case with what you call “evil.” It is simply misdirected energy and is a reflection of your own need for judgments. Therefore, in choosing what is right for you, we ask you to discard that which does not resonate with you without judgment, for it was simply a truth placed there for another and not for you. We ask that you do not give power to something that does not deserve your attention.

The Game Changes
Being on the Gameboard of Free Choice places you in a special situation that is shared with no other species in the universe. Yours was a Game of hide and seek. That Game as you wrote it is now ending. The next phase of the Game will be played on a different Gameboard with another set of rules in place. This was a true Game of hide and seek. You allowed yourself to forget that part of the prime Creator that is within each of you. In our eyes, there were twists and diversions to the Game that made it impossible for you to find your way home again. Now, at the eleventh hour, you have begun to re-member who you are. There is no greater homage that can be paid to God than to re-member the God within each of you, and to reflect this within your own life. It is through your hard work, the work of your hearts and your souls, that this Gameboard will now move into the next phase. It is beyond our understanding to see how you tolerate an existence with limitations such as those you carry within biology. Your feelings and inner struggles within your emotional set up are the most difficult for you to change, yet these are the ones that allow you to carry the most light to the Earth with the greatest efficiency. Often it is your emotional turmoil that brings the greatest advancement for the planet. For this, you are loved beyond your understanding. The many conflicting rules that have been laid before you to follow are confusing at best. Let these teach you to follow your heart in all matters and to discern everything within your own field, including rules that lie before you. These are the tools that move you into your power. You have begun this search in an effort to change the world and recreate Heaven on your side of the veil. This is your greatest accomplishment, for in changing the world you are expressing the powers of co-creation that will call for Heaven to be created on Earth. What you did not expect to find is that the key to changing the Earth lies within each one of you. We offer you this for your own discernment in the greatest of love. Changing the world lies within each of you. Change yourself and you will change the world … one heart at a time.

Extending our hands to yours is our greatest honor. With the veils you wear to facilitate this grand Game, you have been unable to see the true work you are doing. To live an existence within the cumbersome bubble of biology you wear to facilitate this experiment places you among a small number that will be revered for eternity. Your badges of courage will be with you forever more and will be honored by all that view them. The Game was to see if total Free Choice would work. Not just for you, but for all that is. From the start, it looked as though it was not yet time for a Game of such experiment, as the Game brought out the very worst in some. Even with all the setbacks and time running short on the Gameboard, you still managed to find your way Home. You truly are a grand expression of spirit indeed! We are proud to call you family.

It is with the greatest of love and honor that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another and play well together … the Group
“Awakening the Master Healer” exercise at the Scepter of Self Love seminar, Denver, Colorado

Chicago was warm that day, and even though everyone was in a hurry to get off the stuffy plane, I stayed behind to catch a glimpse of this mysterious gentleman. I simply had to put my mind at rest. I was the last one off the plane and he was no where to be found. I looked around the terminal but I never did see him again, at least not in physical form. Did I imagine this? Or was something much higher happening here? In any event, the Gentleman with the great white beard is back. With his finger lovingly held high in the air, the Group is silent in anticipation of his action as he majestically lowers his hand. This simple but important act signifies that now is the time to release this information and make space, once again, for the Master Healers. By the way, if you happen to see him around, please tell him hello from the one they call the Keeper.


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