Security Security

Just got back from our memorial service and it was wonderful to be with family.  I got home after long lines at both airports and see that the TSA is on the news about how they are so backed up in parts of the US that long lines are forming and they don’t know what to do. That prompted this post.

I am part of the Global Entry program at TSA which means that I am TSA preapproved and don’t have to stand in all the long lines. TSA issued a picture ID which also serves as my passport when I return to the US from abroad.  

This time I flew to St Louis on Frontier Airlines which I had never used before. Got my boarding pass and proceeded to the TSA Preapproved line. Got to the front only to be turned around and sent to the back of the long line as the agent explained to me that Frontier Airlines does not participate in the TSA program. I told him that it was not Frontier Airlines that issued the picture ID that I was holding in front of him, it was TSA.  Obviously I did not win the argument and had to wait 40 minutes and experience a very personal body check, to get past security in St. Louis. Now, after experiencing Frontier, I’ll never fly them again anyway with all the hidden charges but to me it is obvious that TSA itself is the bigger problem.

I hope they can make some sense of it as it does not seem to be working now.  I’m also glad I’m not flying much. Glad I’m home.