Sexual Energy Activation- Igniting the Creative Fire Within

Sexual Energy Activation
Online Premium Event
Igniting the Creative Fire Within

with Steve & Barbara Rother

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The group uses the words sexual energy to describe the spirit energy that runs through your body. It is experienced and used often on Earth in a myriad of ways. The group says that its restriction causes many of the challenges we experience and more so today than ever before.

Often described as prana or chi, it is this energy that makes your eyes bright and brings you to the height of your own personal creative powers. Since many people went into a survival dead zone as they entered the new world, now is a perfect time to re-light the creative fire within and anchor your light firmly within a physical body. It can help you to shine brighter but it can also help you sleep better and feel more comfortable in your entire experience on earth.

Above all it is creative energy and if you have been feeling stuck in any way, don’t miss this experience!

This series is designed to:

1) Activate your chakras and align them to the new frequencies pulsing on planet earth

2) clear away “residual limited patterns” or old programming

3) light your creative flame — this translates into many aspects of your experience as a human. This includes your joy and passion, connection to yourself, others and to the earth.

4) Activate your hidden potentials you tucked away until such time as humanity crossed the threshold and began its ascension back to full consciousness and peace on planet earth

5) Create an inner confidence coming from directly focused journey activations that open your sexual energy channels

6) Re-mind you of who you truly are and what you have complete access to now from Home.

After years of presenting Sexual Energy seminars we think we know the general direction the group will take presenting this information but please be aware that the majority of this seminar is in live channel from one of more of the singularities of the group. The recent addition of eM has brought a new dimension and depth to much of the work in this area and there is much he wishes to present.

This course will be taught about 60% in live channel and each segment is 60-75 min includes several targeted activations and concludes with an intensive channeled activation journey. The final day January 30 will include a special Q & A session answered in channel.

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January 23, 24, 29 & 30 2014

Seminar Fee: $195

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