Soul Trajectory- re-aligning the path of your soul

August 1, 5 & 7 20124 at 11:00am Pacific Time

Every soul enters this life with a trajectory. Many times the soul trajectory is determined by how a person dies in a previous lifetime.  If a person dies suddenly and experiences frustration and even anger at dying, that same energy of frustration and anger will be prevalent, especially in the beginning of their new life. If they can balance the energy and learn, they can release the need to have it in their present lives.

However, many people get stuck in their initial soul trajectory and carry what was meant to be a temporary energy throughout their entire lifetime.

As a result many people on earth never move past the initial direction their spirit takes, continually attracting into their lives different sets of circumstances that will help them balance the energy. It can manifest in many ways including loneliness, anger, retreating from social interactions, etc.

If you, a client or someone you know and care about is continually repeating  these types of patterns, join us to resolve them once and for all.

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