Special Announcement

The group has recently talked about very important information about our Earth.  The information is contained in six channels thus far. Most are free of charge and you can find them all below.

The most complete information is contained in the premium 2 day event still available in our online event store  “Earth 2017”

You may also wish to watch the discussion between Steve and Jim Self on ESPAVOtv 

The channels in order of presentation:

1. Segment 1 of the May VirtualLight Broadcast a channel from Merlia.
2. Segment 6 of the May VirtualLight Broadcast a channel from the collective of the group.
3. The entire Predictions Comments and Questions for June 2017   (requires registration but is free)
4. VirtualLight Live on May 27th  Ready for viewing Free
5 & 6   A 2 Day in-depth seminar:  EARTH 2017  Premium

In response, a special 6 month course on Conscious Ascension can be found here