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January 20 & 24
11:00am Pacific Time

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Many have been waiting a long time for the singularity of the group known as “Merlia”( the Feminine aspect of the Merlin) to step forward and begin her teachings. That time has now come.

She says it is in response to the collective call from humanity, and the agitation brought on by the many changes currently taking place on the planet. We are now in an energy vibration where we can hear and receive the new information.

She says that we are currently on a path that will continue being ruled by the dominant masculine energy, which will bring about more frustration, more anger and more terrorist activity…

But Merlia brings a completely new energy that is available to us. The Feminine energy – but with a twist. Rather than a defensive response to being wronged, or one of anger or frustration, the Feminine energy is powerful and mystical, to be manifested within every man and woman on the Earth. This, she says, will bring about the balance we are seeking upon our planet and we are reminded that when two or more gather the power expands exponentially.

We live on the planet of free choice and we can choose to activate the first series of Feminine Light Codes within us This will activate the new feminine energy to work through us, placing us in alignment with the collective shift into peace and prosperity. Each one of us incarnated into at this exact juncture of time and space to be an instrumental part of this collective shift.

Imagine living in a world where what you wish for comes to you with ease and with grace. Imagine remaining in a state of allowing and honoring all others as creator beings. Imagine less Do-ing and more Be-ing.

That is what this seminar will focus upon.

Together over two days we will learn:

  • Specific breathing techniques to release all that has been building up within

  • Shift our reality of dimension, time and space quickly and easily

  • To release inner struggle and trying to “make” something happen

  • How to activate the Feminine Light Codes within us

  • How to move out of separation and into Harmony with your own Spirit and the Spirits of others

  • New levels of inner magic

  • A new “normal” a relaxed state of Be-ing

  • To access your Highest Potential

Understand that the Feminine energy resides within every man and woman. This is not a seminar for women alone., In order to collectively create global change, every conscious being must allow the feminine energy to be activated within them.. Everyone has both masculine and feminine energy within them.

The promo video below is an edited version of a 20 minute video with Steve Rother channeling Merlia for the first time, being interviewed by Meg Adamson.

You can watch the full unedited interview on Espavo TV by clicking here


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HOW and WHERE? This event is presented online through our Online University. The times given are times of the live presentation.
Four hours after the live event the same page will carry the recording that can be accessed to fit your time schedule.

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