The Family of Empowerment- What’s Next?



November 23, 2016
11:00am Pacific Time

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This event is a special calling to those that the group calls “The E- Family.” These are a select group of people who came in (incarnated) at the very beginning of civilization on Planet Earth. They brought in some very special attributes that we could not live without at the time.

Those same attributes are needed more than anything else right now.

In this special one-day event the group wants to talk to the E-Family about what’s coming next and what planet earth is facing. They will reveal the crucial role those of the Family of Empowerment play and how we can help create solutions for Humanity and Mother Earth by moving out of polarity.

They (the group) would like to share from several aspects and vantage points.

They tell us we tend to see through a very limited perspective. During this event the group will help us expand our perspective connect the Family of E all over the globe and give us guidance and direction directly from Home.

The Declaration of Spirit Rights will also be presented and discussed.

HOW and WHERE? This event is presented online through our Online University. The times given are times of the live presentation.
Four hours after the live event the same page will carry the recording that can be accessed to fit your time schedule.

We offer unlimited viewing until January 23, 2017.
Downloads to your computer are not offered at this time.


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