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All Times Listed are US Pacific Time – Current US Pacific Time is [insert_php]echo date(“l M j, Y”);[/insert_php]
OverLight Facilitators
receive $25 discount (please enter “Family25“ discount code at registration)
Light Masters & Lightworker Metaphysicians (Ordained within the Lightworker Organization only)
receive $50 discount (please enter “LightMaster50” discount code at registration)
Days 2- 5- Premium Event- Registration Is Open
April 8, 9, 10 & 11 at 11:00am Pacific Time Check your local time Seminar Fee: $195 (Payment options available) Click here for Discount information
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This is the main page for this event, all notifications, notes and downloads will be found here when they become available usually within 4 hours of completion of the live presentation. Recordings are available for 60 days

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We are honored to offer you as much free product as we can through these intense and changing times to support and empower you on your journey. Our premium events fund our entire organization and we greatly appreciate your support. Espavo! (Ancient Lemurian greeting that translates to “thank you for taking your power!”)