The Group on Politics

I can’t believe what happened at Lightmaster last week. It was the week that we work with “the world around us” and in this session the group gave us a view of politics that blew me away. Although they have originally predicted in the Sedona Journal some two and a half years ago and have not changed, they said we are in line to have our first female president, this time they talked about other realities and the possibilities ahead as we are on the Planet of Free Choice.

The talked about President Trump ( oh my god I can’t believe that I used those words together.) They said he would be met with resistance everywhere with little support. He would fight back by taking his case to the people and even try to do the same to the international audience. They also said he would not be all that bad as he would actually learn and adapt quickly, ending far from his positions at the beginning. They also said the learning curve would be very expensive and may tip the scales as things are close anyway.
They also talked about Bernie Sanders meeting similar resistance but had opportunities to change that by motivating young voters to vote in the interim elections changing the balance in congress.

The other big points that they made were that we are watching the end of a two party system in the US. Also that the archaic system of elections and technologies used will come to light as easily hacked after this election. They said several events emanating from both sides will be discovered some time after the elections.
They went on for about 30 minutes. It was fascinating.