The Universe is getting smaller

Bright Stars In The Galaxy Wide Desktop Background

Three days ago, in the “Predictions, Comments and Questions for December” the group began talking about the stars and the cosmos.  They said the recent unexplained dark streak experienced by astronomers was in fact an attempt to get our attention.  They said it was another planet with life that they said has found us and is trying to reach us.  The group also predicted that we will find many many more inhabitable planets closer to us.

Yesterday, announcements were made that a planet had been discovered that is believed to be Venus’s twin. Even though temperatures on GL 1132 can reach 450F, it does have an atmosphere. No, this is not the planet that has discovered Earth and is trying to reach us.  But it is the first of many planets that can and do support life that we will find very soon.

Watch this space..The Universe is getting smaller.

Enjoy the Evolution