The VirtualLight Broadcast May 31 2014 Seg 4 – Lorraine Flaherty interviewed by Sandra Sedgbeer

The VirtualLight Broadcast Live three hour monthly internet broadcast on Lightworker TV.

The broadcast is in six segments, hosted by Steve and Barbara Rother of and includes the interviews from Sandra Sedgbeer and Janelle Collard with the top people in the spiritual arena.
In this segment:

Past lives, karma, soul groups and soul mates… these are just a few of the topics that transformational therapist, corporate trainer, teacher and author, Lorraine Flaherty is a transformational therapist, corporate trainer, and author who teaches Clinical Hypnosis and Accelerated Learning to midwives and student doctors in British Universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, and leads retreats on Finding Inner Freedom in the UK and abroad.  A specialist in past life therapy, Lorraine guides people into the subconscious part of their mind so that they can explore their current life memories, their past and future lives and the space between lives to learn more about who they really are and how they can heal. She is the author of the self-help guide Healing With Past Life Therapy: Transformational Journeys Through Time and Space.