Thought of the day August 12, 2015

We talk about the human evolution. We talk about the collective vibration of humanity raising.  

First of all, is that a measurable vibration that?  It is, the channeled group says, but we have not yet learned in our sciences how to measure that. The same way we have not yet learned how to measure minute magnetic fields that extend way out into the universe.  

A lot of times this is actually how we communicate with each other. And it is certainly the way we send emotions back and forth. The strongest for all emotions, which for many years, of all of our lives has been fear has now shifted to love. We have tilted the balance in the favour of love.

Today, take this day and love every part of it.  Figure out a way to let that light in your eyes and that excitement be seen, felt and passed on by others and you will feel the love.