Tragic Events in Turkey

Tragic events today in Turkey as Zaman newspapers and news service were all taken over forcibly on the orders of Turkey’s President Erdogan, the same president that has decided to stand against highest courts.

The newspaper was one of his greatest critics and suddenly today it has a totally different staff and policy. This has happened before, not only in Turkey but more recently in Russia with the RT in a less forcible but just as effective result. As you may know Turkey has come to the forefront of global attention as they have become an important part of the chain that handle many of the refugees fleeing Syria. For that reason Erdogan, no doubt, feels that he has leverage with the EU and the world.

These will be very interesting events because we live in different times and these things can not be hidden any longer. The spiritual family in Turkey is awakening at an incredible rate and I doubt that Erdogan will get away with it with his own people. The Turks that I know and love are far too advanced to support this. It will be interesting to watch these events. In the mean-time please send unconditional Light and love to this beautiful country and its people.

The group says this is actually part of a much larger problem they will be discussing