Transition Teams 2- A View of Birth and Death from the Other Side of the Veil

Transition Teams 2 Introduction Video

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April 4, 2014 11:00am Pacific Time
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Days 2- 5- Premium Event- Registration Only

April 8, 9, 10 & 11 at 11:00am Pacific Time
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Five sessions – 60-75 minutes each

Course Description:

For the first time the group will go into detail about what happens when we leave this earth. They will take us into the book “Pretending to be a Human” from three of the characters themselves, and help us re-member what is important to us as spirits. They will show us what is important to a departing soul as well as an entering one. The art of graceful entrance and exits is much more important to the evolution of humanity than ever known.

We highly recommend that you attend Transition Teams 1 prior to this series as the majority of material from that course will not be repeated here. We assume and suggest that you have this understanding but will not require it. Transition Teams 1 is also an OverLight certification course. It can be found in the Online University under OverLight trainings here>

The group specifically wanted to offer this material at this time. Now we can see deeper into the truths of our human experience on earth by remembering Home. Here they each will take us on an exploration of “Home with a capital H” as Elrah calls it. Each of these beings has specific areas of expertise as do we and in this special event they wish to show us their areas of passion and what they “do” at Home. It is particularly helpful to see the acclimation process of a soul as they return from Earth.

Topics Covered:

  • What happens to most souls upon returning Home and why?
  • How does one “live” in Zero Time?
  • What happens when a human thinks about a spirit who is Home?
  • Who is watching us from above and why?
  • How can we communicate with them?
  • What does an entering spirit (birth) re-member from Home that they must forget as they grow?

Day 1 (FREE)
The first half of this 60 min seminar will be explanation from Steve and Barbara. This is where Steve tells the story of writing the book “Pretending to be a Human” and how it came alive in his own life and work with the group. This is setting the stage for the new material that will be in the course. Unlike Transition Teams 1 it will be more of a course on the attributes of Home than of Earth.
The remainder of the time will be in live channel from the group where they set the stage for the entire experience.

Note: Due to recent issues of false copyright claims at YouTube we will not be able to offer Journey Activations at the free days. Thank you for your patience while we relocate our streaming service. (For anyone creating their own online seminars, you may be interested in the full video explanation of this here>)

Day 2,3 ,4 and 5 will be 60 – 75% in live channel, as they each wish to take you on a journey around Home the way they see it. These experiences can easily change the way one looks at life, or if they are already in that openness, they will be validated directly by the group. For those working with Transitioning spirits this is a Must. Each day Elrah, the Keeper of Time and eM will take you on a personal journey to re-mind you of the ways of Home from their perspective. In building the Empowered Society that is now underway on Planet Earth, this will provide intricate understanding of the game we are playing here as spirits having a human experience.It will also be very helpful for all humans as soon there will be many more transitioning Home as their work nears an end. Those that help in this process, according to the group are some of the greatest healers on the earth.

This is work of the heart. Come see what is in yours.

Days 2 – 5 will conclude with live Journey Activations and will be 60-75 minutes in length per session.