Vagus Nerve Activation Sequence 2 – Emotional Recalibration for the New World

Are you or your clients still feeling unsettled since crossing the portal of 12-12-12?  If so it could be that your emotional system is on overload due to the increases of energy. The symptoms run from feeling way too much to feeling dead inside. In reality your emotional system is attached to everything The worst is that it disconnects you from your confidence and therefore your magic. If so an emotional recalibration may be helpful.  Over time each person will grow accustomed to the new energy but if you would like a short-cut, this is it.  Taught as a certified healing modality under the Lightworker OverLight system, this 5 day online course is designed to give you a new energetic modality to quickly adjust yourself and your clients. The physical body is now carrying much more of your own light and it is often throwing off your balance emotionally.

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