Virtual Light #1 ~ Steve and Barbara Rother ~ Feb 2014

18th year anniversary for Beacons of Light and Lightworker
Virtual Light Broadcast is moving in March
Be ready for change
/>Introductions to our guests by Sandie and Janelle
Seminar updates: Sexual Energy, Vagus Nerve (emotional recalibration), E-family gathering.

Dr. Donese: What’s happening with our honey bees. See “Queen of the Sun” documentary. Many benefits we enjoy that come from bees. The honey bee population is diminishing across the world. New Zealand and Australia are protecting their bees, banning chemicals that harm them. What we can do as individuals.

The Oracle Report with Judith: The Oracle has come full circle. Final 2 questions; How can we plant seeds for hope in the economic downturn we are experiencing? (Change your idea of abundance.) Which opportunities and responsibilities are out there for Lightworkers now? (Choose to be responsible for yourself, shine your light as a beacon and do it for yourself. Projecting your light will make a change for the entire multiverse.)