Virtual Light # 1 ~ Steve & Barbara ~ Charmanie Lee ~ CJ Carl ~ August 2010

Welcome and gratitude from Steve and Barbara. There are many things happening on the planet. The group is going to speak about the oil spill, we have a great line up with our guests and Shards of Light.

Lightworker just finished the 12 paradigms from Spiritual Psychology online in three segments. The group gave suggestions for healers living in the energy now in preparation for the new planet earth.

Charmaine’s Insights

“Spiritual And Physical Alignment”

Spiritual awareness has created a major shift within the physical alignment for each human being. This is in preparation of evolution. However, there are unexpected shifts causing imbalance.

Brain activity is frequencies that pick up on these shifts. It affects the body more often as we become activated. The pineal accelerates the process when this alignment occurs. When the brain wave patterns are slow, the body responds; as such when the brain wave patterns are fast. The conflict feels like depression or anxiety. It tends to feel as if your emotions have magnified.

In perfect divine order, I am ready. You are not alone. Come and lets all play now within this reality.

CJ Carl

“Holding On To Your Own”

It is time to adjust and fit with our intuition. Understand that this is your life. Own your uniqueness. We each have our path. You must listen to what is inside to have understanding. This is who you are, find yourself and find the path you need to follow.

Associations will tend to change around you as you hold on to your own uniqueness. Form your circle of influence around you. Accept who you are as you grow. The world will adjust with you. You will be in alignment with who you need to be. Remember to love yourself, respect yourself, and hold on to your own and you will be who you need to be.

Q&A — Wants the group to tell more about sex in the 5th Dimension.