Virtual Light # 1 ~ Steve & Barbara ~ Charmanie Lee ~ CJ Carl, Cliff Johnson ~ July 2010

Steve and Barbara are offering the Light Master Series. It is a one-year course, the cutting edge material from The group. The Light Master Series will be offered to you online before it goes into any book or seminar.

Find more free online events available to you as well as the Light Master Series in the Evolution Center.

LightMaster LOTO!

Lightworker announced how you can win a lottery for the online LightMaster year long intensive growth experience. The lottery will begin on August 1, 2010. Listen to the details on the broadcast to hear how you can participate or go to the front page of for details to how to enter. There will be one winner to be announced on August 28.

Charmaine Lee’s Insights

“Find Your Magnificence”

You are angels walking upon this planet now as we are all shifting. The shifts have created energy for us to become powerful human beings. This energy is called love that you have all embraced from within your magnificence.

Imagine taking the energy and integrating this with others. There is no separateness. We created these shifts for a beautiful world. Everything is coming into alignment.

Take a stance as everything shape shifts around us, amongst us, individually, as it draws a connectedness from one another’s greatest potential. We all have a plan in our magnificence to be whole now in this moment.

CJ Carl

“Sometimes you have to punch a hole in your reality to give yourself room to grow”

It is time to reach outside of self to grow. You build your reality within your daily life. Take a break and reach out and expand much more. Breaking out of the reality helps one to grow, become stronger and capable. Stop the habit and what you are use to. Do something different to keep it working for you.

Cliff Johnson

Skype interview TECK TOYS!

Together with his partner Cliff started and owns Earth Channel a large internet streaming company and the one that is used by Lightworker to bring you the VirtualLight Broadcast. We have asked Cliff to give us a report each month on the most exciting tech toy he can find. More than just a techie, Cliff has a long history in spirituality with several spiritual internet shows of his own. He has so much to offer and will be on in the future sharing his technical knowledge from a spiritual perspective with everyone in the months to come.

Today cliff introduced the new device, cold laser, and FDA registered called the Scaler Wave Laser. It changes the consciousness and physiology, pain relief and balance. This device relaxes the body in a natural state and open to healing. Find out more about this special device at: .

He also mentioned Nassim Haramein as a researcher and his web site is:

Cliff will share another technology next month on anti-again. Visit him at