Virtual Light #1 ~ Steve & Barbara Rother ~ Happy Thanksgiving ~ Dec 2010

• Explanation of Thanksgiving

• Explanation about Questions and Answers on website

• Major step for humanity on 101010. Steve and Barbara’s message is being accepted more readily, everywhere they go.

• Barbara is celebrating her 60th birthday. Barbara shares her gratitude.

• Who am I is the biggest question being asked right now

• Create a physical space where you can go to nurture yourself. Must be a spiritual, private space. Nurture physical as well as spiritual. Barbara explains what that space should be like.

• Steve thanks everyone for the time they spend watching and listening to items on the website.

Question from Marta in Brazil: How can my beloved country Brazil better help Mother Earth in the world scenario now?

Steve explains; Brazil’s population is exploding right now. It is the heart and lungs of the planet. It will return to being one of the financial strongholds on the planet. The people are becoming extremely conscious.

SKYPE — Cliff Johnson — recap of last month’s information. BioMath, Resveratrol, 2 anti-aging antioxidants~Benagene, and Protandim. Explains the benefits that he has experienced with some of the products. Also talks about telomere test he is currently taking.

Steve introduces the authors that will be interviewed on today’s show.