Virtual Light #2 ~ Chick Moorman and Thomas Haller with Janee Bennett ~ Jan 29, 2011

Thomas Haller: 45 years in Education, Sex Therapist

• Chick Moorman: WIOG 105.2 FM Premier Radio Station in Michigan
Co-Authors: Teaching the Attraction Principle to Children; empower children and share with them the law of attraction. Use Law of Attraction to manifest Family we desire.

Attraction Principle.

• Start with child in utero—”You choose” languaging.

• Power of drawing what you want.

• See how it feels inside (trial to test for alignment).

• Teach by example, in the moment.

• Show where they create the behavior to support the belief.

• Perception is a choice.

• Make “Be” choices; most power is in this moment (Now).

• Get them clear on where they want to be in ten years and then acting it out.

• Moving into Golden Age, writing a book called the Golden Tongue, words for the new world.