Virtual Light # 2 ~ Sandie interviews Dr. Donese Worden ~ Nov 2010

Bioenergetic Medicine –Natropathic doctor

Subtle energies

Devices, supplements,etc. — what a patient believes is what works for them

discussed Dr. Bill Tiller — research into thought and its effect on our physical well being — group of well trained meditators can change the ph of water

Works with modalities that jump start the body’s own healing properties — eventually we will become our own healers — will be a very long time before this becomes mainstream, but doctors are looking for other ways to deal with pain management, etc.

Discussion of regulations over herbal & other supplements — Education (PBS show starting to Discussion of new technologies — old technology in Europe is new technology in US — especially helpful for pain management

In America, great emergency medicine — but not as effective in treating long-term issues like cancer

Some new technologies are FDA registered, but difficult to double-blind study due to placebo effect (what a patient believes in will work for them)

Naturapathic doctors are only ones trained in both pharmaceutical medicines and herbal remedies

Discussion of vibrational therapy medicine and results on her patients

Discussion of IV method of administering supplements such as resveratrol

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