Virtual Light # 2 ~ ~ Sandie interviews Dr. James D. Honeycutt ~ August 2010

James D. Honeycutt PhD, is the President and Chairman of NuTesla, LLC. After surviving cancer twice and then losing his wife to breast cancer James Honeycutt dedicated his life to develop affordable and effective technologies.

James formed NuTesla to carry on the work of Nikola Tesla’s. He and all the members of NuTesla are committed to developing and promoting healthy instruments to combat electromagnetic interference. For example, Rhythmedics Scalar-PHI frequency energies are derived from a Fibonacci Quartz Crystal; the Fibonacci sequence discovered by Leonardo of Pisa. Only one of few frequencies used with their devices.

James spoke about the raising of vibration of the whole planet. The rising is happening because of the unity of the people. This result is through people becoming more aware that effects physically and spiritually. He has a plethora of information for your overall wellness. Go to for further information.