Virtual Light # 2 ~ Sandie interviews Justice Bartlett and Karen Sperling July 2010

Justice and Karen both spoke about Matrix Energetics, a stand-alone system that can be used with any modality. This is based on the laws of physics, consciousness and focused intent by using the sense of play, imagination and laughter opening the space of connectedness.

Justice quotes some of her father’s work (Dr. Richard Bartlett), which is a system of transformation on these subtle energies. As a practitioner you expand yourself because you become the doorway for growth. See details at

Karen states how the children are taught to be active. Using these techniques children can take this into their adulthood. Matrix for children is interactive. Children already know stuff because they want to get up and do it. The parents are part of the training and begin to open up along with their children. Visit A live demonstration presented during the web broadcast.