Virtual Light #2 ~ Sandie interviews Kat Tansey ~ Dec 2010

• Kat brought herself out of suicidal intentions, studying about the Buddha mind. Her Mancune cat, Poohbear became her guru. Another cat, Catzenbear, also helped. Her book, “Choosing to Be” is about how she learned about the Buddha mind by conversing with her cats.

• Hindrances we need to get rid of; Clinging to medications, sleepiness/laziness avoidance, sloth, anger acting out, doubt teachings-yourself-ability, restlessness.

• Poohbear introduced her to meditation, the art of stillness.

• Both cats taught her how to deal with death.

• Self awareness is another lesson Kat learned along her path.

• Kat’s most significant work now is teaching people how to implement changes.