Virtual Light #3 ~ Sandie interviews Stephanie Riseley ~ Dec 2010

• Can you have sex with a departed loved one? Stephanie says yes, and this is what her book, “Love From Both Sided”, talks about.

• Stephanie tells about instances when this has happened, including her own experience.

• I knew you were out there, what took you so long? This was the question that her book was built on and was what she said to her husband when they first met.

• Stephanie talks about how we all have many past lives and tells about some of her’s, with the same person that became her husband, Sam, this time.

• Sam died of leukemia. Upon passing Stephanie heard his voice saying “I’m finally free!”.

• She grew up thinking she was going to be a doctor, but it was Sam that pushed her in that direction.

• The sexual experiences with Sam in his ethereal form was a healing process for Stephanie.

• Stephanie does past life regressions and hypnotherapy now. Her book is being very successful.