Virtual Light # 3 ~ Sandra interviews Peter Rodger Author, Filmmaker “What is God?” ~ Nov 2010

Oh My God is Peter’s life work and soon a book will be released

inspiration from Sundance experience — underlying motivation to bring light to opinions of people around the world — common thread that binds humanity together

Thought the project would take 6 months, took 3 years — as more people questioned, understood there was more to ask and more people to talk to

By asking the question, the hope is that people will begin to see themselves in other people around the world.

Film has been well received by the more conscious community, but some strong criticism has come from more traditional critics

Coming next year — Oh My God Chronicles (story of how film was made)

Discussion of what was learned while making the film, the surprises, the shocks, etc.

Movie comes out march 1 — preorder on Amazon, see film reviews and details at omg.come

See Peter’s web site at: