Virtual Light # 4 ~ Shards of Light ~ June 2010

Mirri & Elleke Rocks

Download your potential. Do this as a collective vibration and do this with joy and laughter especially with fun!

Choice of what you want to experience.

Vibrational resonance.

Decide what is ahead for you.

Again, contact us through if you are interested in sending us a video clipping for the Global Light.

Jim Self

Balance, balance, balance! Congratulations, you are now given what you have asked for. How are you experiencing what you now have been given? Is the glass half empty or half full?

It’s being in present time. You are being changed on a physical level. You are losing your reference points of your past and reference points of your future.


Choose what you wish to experience.

Act upon it.

Q & A: There are still a lot of negative, controlling and destructive people. They still hold the same energies that has existed for thousands of years. The group said, “all of us or none of us.” How do we reconcile this apparent paradox?