Virtual Light #4 ~ Shards of Light ~ May 28, 2011

Charmaine Lee: Dealing with lots of emotional occurrences all at once. She tells her story about recent trials of her being in several different places at the same time. The Dimensional bleed-overs transpire during the times of truth. She explains that knowing who you are assists in staying grounded.

CJ: Personal Perspective — the truth that we see. Much of the “Shift” has to do with a shift in perspective. Your truth is defined by the perspective you decide to take.

Shards of Light on Skype:
Pepper Lewis: Talks about messages we are receiving from different sources.
Claudia Went — Can take away pain from all kinds of burns? She does distance healing. She gave her explanation of her method and how it works. Claudia tells how she received her gift.