Virtual Light #4 ~ Steve and Barbara with Shards of Light ~ Dec 2010

SKYPE — Pepper Lewis and son Keenan — Talks about how teens see all the new information about the shift, energy work, etc. Keenan says there’s a growing curiosity among the youth, and they are looking for answers inside themselves as well as outside. Steve Rother shares that Pepper Lewis is going to be part of the 111111 event. Gaia says 111111 is the cusp of the new age.

Charmaine: What am I really grateful for? We’re connected on both sides. What are we going to do with this connection? “I am grateful for each one of you!”

CJ Carl: Talks about “unity”. Our community is expanding greatly. As a people, we need to get past our xenophobia. Remember we are all part of the same one. Our evolution as spiritual beings is to become a community of acceptance.

Steve talks about the next segments and that the channeling today with have to do with Unity rather than separation. Intentionally blending energy and vibrations. Barbara said it’s like a dance, and we are learning to dance together. Dissolving separation is where we are right now in our steps to the next level.