Virtual Light # 4 ~ Steve & Barbara Charmaine and Danielle ~ Q&A Apr 2010

Charmaines Insights

Soul Connection

Charmaine shared her reconnection to another soul. No matter how long or how far you may be from someone you love or care about, there is no separation.

Instantaneously everything connects you and your existence with all dimensions in the present moment because of love. Right now within our evolution we draw all of this to us with eye contact.

If you are still searching, stop and take time to look at the person next to you to recall this connection.

Danielles Angel Blessings

Dimensional Bleedthrough

Danielle talked about sensing what is going on within the other dimensions ourselves. She experiences it through physical symptoms. What is it we have to learn?

She shared a meditation exercise that you can use with you and/or your children. You can use this as a way to travel. Feel the unconditional love as you find the message they have to share with you. You can connect through intention with the other dimensions