Virtual Light # 4 ~ Steve, Barbara, Danielle, Charmaine ~ Q&A

Danielles Angel Blessings

What if you stop running?

Danielle shared multidimensionality physically experienced through a Shaman running away from big cats after her. She wanted to leave, didnt want to be here, she was scared, frightened and fearful.

When she finally stopped and faced it, she merged with him. She was asked to see the power of self, see past the illusion of fear.

What are the possibilities? Begin by accepting self and how powerful you are. Anything is attainable.

Charmaines Insights

Maximize Not Minimize

Charmaine spoke about the realities of young adults she works with. They own their reality they stand in this moment. Honesty creates what is happening now with each door they go through and the choices they make.

What they taught her and confirmed was the truth. Maximize what you have to move forward. Not minimize from what you do not have. You may feel that you do not have everything to offer but you do have everything to give. Are you at the full potential of your reality?

Q&A response to feeling alone and others do not connect with persons energy. It is time to empower (not preach for people to live the same way you do). Just know who you are. Communicate with them, show your light and people will attract.