Virtual Light #5 ~ Q & A with Steve and Barbara Rother Dec 2010

• Kara asks about when her love relationship will arrive. There’s all kinds of ways we activate relationships. There are many you can have. Work at the relationship, to make it work. Just comfortable will kill you. It must be better than that. 2 people evolve at different rates. It’s entirely up to you, as to when a relationship will arrive. The question to ask is, how do you feel about yourself? Are you really ready? Some are not. It’s a commitment and makes you extremely vulnerable. Barbara shares that you can’t have a relationship until you are whole, yourself. Grab the energy around you and align it with your intent.

• How can you get rid of energy blockage in your organs? We need to get educated. The steps to take is the hard part. Beware when you read things to not follow just one authors opinion. Find what works best for you. Don’t call anything bad. Find at least a little bit of good in everything. Look for the inner beauty.

• Question about channeling. Steve answers — Many times we push the ability away due to responses from people to it. All your connections need to come in through your higher self. Find your voice. You’re learning how to translate. Typically, we will not draw from spirit to help ourselves, only others. Trust it, practice it, and play with it.

• What’s the groups take on the increased sightings of ETs? We’re going to hear about more of these. There are no rules in the universe. Dimensional walls are dissolving. Our dimensional selves are coming together; all 11 into one. The 12th dimension is the higher self that connects them all. We are starting to become aware of the other dimensions. As the veil thins, we will see more UFOs. This is coming soon. Barbara recommends reading Jean Finch’s book “Messages from Other Worlds”. We came from 6 parental races.