Virtual Light #5 ~ Sonny Carl and Charmaine Lee ~ Feb 2014

Sonny: Is your life being frapped? The life you know is falling apart so you can take the step into a new life structure. The choice is yours but you must make a choice. We now have the opportunity to create a new world. A new ‘community’ is being built. Time to re-manage your ‘stage’. All is coming together and then expanding. Your only restrictions are those you impose upon yourself. No more boundaries.

Charmaine: We are the treasure. What is it that you seek? I am that I am. Are you here just to exist? We are our own treasure. We each have a unique code that makes us a musician, artist, etc. We are not separate. You are the ‘I am’ in this world. When we follow our passion, our energy expands. Our combined energies can expand to change our world. We can do anything