Virtual Light # 5 ~ Steve and Barbara ~ Shards of Light — August 2010

Mirri & Elleke Rocks from Holland

•Oil spill is giving us a new chance to look at our technology.

•New technology can now be implemented now.

•Mother Earth is shifting and the earth is getting a rewiring.

•The twins will be doing a tour in USA, Spain and back to Holland.

Jean Adrienne

 Credit to Lightworkers in shifting the oil spill.

 Teach the difference of power and force.

 Right use of personal power in creating your reality.

 How many lessons must we go through?

Pepper Lewis

 Think of the earth is defenseless.

 May not see immediate effects.

 Awareness is important now that we have crossed the boundary.

 Time to re-evaluate.

 Atlanteans learned to use crystals and how they pushed the boundaries.

 There are many resources on planet and off planet.

 Next frontier is what resources we can get from other planets.