Virtual Light # 5 ~ Steve and Barbara ~ Shards of Light Guests — July 2010

The seats for 101010 in Scottsdale in-person are closed at this time. The 101010 Online is still open.

Jean Adrienne shares, “What is the most important day or dates that your guides are telling you from now and 2012?” Today is the most important day! The present moment, right now. Her guides suggest that everyone has an opportunity to create something fantastic by removing judgment from your reality.

Elleke and Mirri Rocks share their perspective on same question. They share that this is a time about balance. Your inner self is telling you to go do something fun with your time, the days of hard work is over. No more going, going, going like the Duracell bunny; time to take a chill pill. Working hard and not having enough time is a state of lack.

Jim Self says the most important day is today. He further talks about various dates going forward. He shared more about specific alignments called, T-Square that has occurred many times on this date. This is one of the most powerful and significant shifts. Pay attention to now through July 31. The next set of events is important creating 3rd dimensional reality to fall away and open to 5th dimensional reality that will be available to each of us. The shifting of planets will expand the capacity of Lightworkers to make a difference. The Archangels are asking us to step up.