Virtual Light #5 ~ Steve & Barbara with Sonny & Charmaine Lee ~ May 2013

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Feel the connection
Autism and rhythm
April is autism awareness month
Direct Light series

/>Sonny Carl: If you want to get someone’s attention, do something different. Strive to be like everyone else and you strive to not have any choices. Stop listening and your life is pre-programmed. You must start listening to your intuition/guides. Listen, think and make a choice. Take your life back into your own hands.

Charmaine: It’s all about being light. How is your ‘shifting’? What is it that you are becoming? What battles do you have? Let’s just be. This is our reality. We are this beautiful light. We set the pace. We place the seeds. The body is just the vehicle. Challenge yourself to look at your body and then see beyond it. Take a breath and what do you see but light.

Donese Warden:
What are the basics
What we should be taking into our bodies
Rotating your foods
Individualized medicines
Vitamin D — how to take it
How to take calcium
Arsenic in rice